6 Important Reminders When Dealing With A Breakup

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It may be one of the most painful feelings in the entire universe when you breakup with someone you considered to be your soulmate or described as your “better half.”

However, it’s very important that you are able to keep in mind that this is not the end of the world and in fact is an open door for you to pass through so that you are able to recover, discover yourself again, and move forward to the next big adventure in your life.

Sure, you would love for the other person to be there with you to experience it all, but what matters most is that you are able to express your happiness once more.

If you are going through an intense breakup right now with your other half, then you should try to keep these six important reminders in the back of your head as you continue to make your way through life.

1. There Is Always Room For Improvement

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Pexels / Alena Darmel
Pexels / Alena Darmel

There may have been some things that your partner said to you that resonated deeply inside that makes you want to grow even more than what you are now.

There will always bee room for improvement on the various things that you think you need to grow in order to be happy.

Take this breakup as a hard lesson to learn from as to what you expect, what you already know, and what you plan to do now that you are an independent person once more.

Your freedom is limitless and there is nothing that you can’t accomplish now more than ever.

Of course, this is only an opportune time for you to explore even more about yourself without another person by your side, however, can prove to have some of the most amazing benefits to your overall mental health.

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2. Too Much Energy In The Relationship

There are also times in certain relationships that can prove to be way too intense for the both of you simply because you both operate at the same level.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but obviously has proven to be a little bit overwhelming for the both of you to handle. It can be hard to manage a relationship when the both of you are trying to do the exact same thing but in different ways.

This sometimes leads to miscommunication between two people and, more often than not, results in a breakup.

It’s important that you keep in mind that it wasn’t either of your faults but that it was more of a compatibility issue that was bound to self-destruct sooner rather than later.

3. It Was Perfect Timing

There may have been a point in your relationship that essentially was just the perfect timing for the both of you to fall in love.

Recognizing how opportunistic you both were at the time is a very important aspect to your healing process.

Sure, things were working out just fine until now, but you must realize that even though you are no longer with this person doesn’t mean that you won’t find that kind of relationship ever again.

You are more than capable of replicating the same incident with someone else, of course it won’t be the same, but it is more than possible to make that happen again.

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4. Worry Isn’t Well

Worrying over if your ex-soulmate is going to be okay without you is something that you must shove completely out of your head.

Yes, this is much easier said than done, but the sooner that you are able to let them go and let them be there own person again the more you will be able to focus on your happiness again in order for you to move forward.

Worrying yourself to death whether or not they are going to be fine is only going to make it that much harder for you to forgive them as well as forgiving yourself. Let yourself be free by letting them be free without you.

5. They Weren’t Meant To Fix You

Just by being in a relationship with someone shouldn’t automatically give you the idea that this person is here to fix you.

First of all, you are not a broken human being, second of all, you should not expect others to be able to solve all your problems for you.

Sure, this person use to do a wonderful job of keeping everything in check for you, but it was also never their responsibility to begin with but more of an understanding so that they could see you happy in those moments of time.

Your soulmate was there to share certain feelings, express your thoughts, and support you in the things that you love doing. Expecting them to know everything it takes in order to help you is simply too unrealistic.

Hopefully these reminders will help you move forward with your life, help you focus on the things that make you the happiest, and allowing yourself to find love again in someone new who is able to maybe even have a deeper connection with than the last time.

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