Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Does These 7 Things

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You’ve probably heard that relationships take work, patience, and commitment. But before you can work on your relationship, you need a partner worth putting in that effort for. And the process of finding a man worthy of your time usually takes a lot of work, patience, and commitment.

In a world of Tinder and Bumble, it can be tempting to cling to the first guy who doesn’t open with an inappropriate pick-up line. But, it’ll be better for your soul if you stay single until you find a man who is worthy of the goddess you know you are.

Look for these 7 things in a man before committing.

1. He’s open to commitment.

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Pexels / João Jesus

He knows what he wants and that includes a committed relationship. This doesn’t mean he’s desperate to get married, but that he’s open to a committed relationship with the right person.

If he’s uncertain what he wants, there’s a chance he’ll string you along – and keep avoiding commitment well into the “relationship.”

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2. He wants you to meet his friends and family.

He should be proud to show you off to his friends and family. He invites you to friends’ get-togethers and family events.

If he’s keeping you as a secret or avoids letting you meet his friends, that’s a sign it’s time to end things before they go too far.

3. He values communication.

Open and honest communication are key to any healthy relationship.

He should be upfront with his feelings and desires, and you shouldn’t feel left in the dark about things. If an issue arises, he addresses the problem head-on and works hard to communicate and resolve it.

If you’re constantly wondering what’s on his mind, how he feels, or what he’s doing on his phone, it may be time to move on.

4. He stands up for you.

He jumps in when someone insults you or puts you down. He comes to your aid when you’re struggling and stands up for you when you’re vulnerable. He doesn’t tolerate you being the butt of a joke if your feelings are at stake.

If he’s laughing along while you’re holding back tears, you may want to reconsider spending time with him.

5. He’s honest about enjoying your company and isn’t afraid to tell you.

Because he values communication, he’s not afraid to tell you that he loves spending time with you.

He’s not too egotistical or insecure to show his feelings and he effortlessly demonstrates emotional maturity. When you’re away, he voices that he misses you. You know he wants to spend time with you and enjoys your company.

You shouldn’t have to wonder when the next time he’ll want to hang out or go on a date will be. You shouldn’t feel like your time is wasting his time or vice versa. And, he should provide space for you to be honest in communicating your feelings and emotions too.

6. He holds space for you to feel happy, safe, and nourished.

He creates an environment that you feel comfortable in. He holds space for you to be yourself and you feel happy, safe, and nourished in his presence.

He listens to what you have to say and allows for the silence to speak when needed. You don’t feel like you have to put on a show or act differently when you’re around him.

7. He values his moral code and his word.

He has morals and holds them close to his heart. He keeps his word and follows through on his promises. He’s reliable, dependable, and sticks to his values, regardless of if anyone is “looking.”

Will I ever find the right guy?

It may feel daunting to go on dates and eliminate man after man in hopes of finding one that’s up to your standards. But amazing men are out there and it’s totally possible for you to find the man of your dreams (so long as you don’t settle for less).

The biggest way to sabotage creating a healthy, fulfilling relationship is to start that relationship with the wrong person. It takes work, patience, and commitment to find the right partner, but the rewards are so worth it.

And in the meantime? You can work on bettering yourself and fulfilling your own heart’s desires and needs. Learn a new craft or skill, advance your career, set and achieve goals, and do all the things you’ve always dreamed of.

You can even date yourself. Take yourself out to a restaurant or movie. Draw up a nice bath with rose essence and candles. Pamper yourself and enjoy the moments you have of being single.

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