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6 Things Only A Strong Woman Will Understand

They don't frame success through the lens of gender.

In some cultures, women aren't so much as allowed to leave the house without a male escort. To be clear, I am not saying that women in places like Saudi Arabia aren't strong.

The repercussions for going against Saudi tradition if you're a woman are grave. But elsewhere in the world, strong women have the right to view themselves and their accomplishments through their own lens.

They don't think of themselves as being awfully successful "for a woman." Being a woman isn't a disadvantage. We must work vigorously to secure equal rights for women everywhere, not just here at home.

They aren't afraid of their sexuality.

I remember being 12 years old and hearing the boys in my class talk about which girls were "sluts," making up rumors and perpetuating old puritanical ideas about women and sexuality.

Women define what their sexuality is and don't care if you're offended by their sex life.

They thrive when single or when in a relationship.

Strong women know how to be independent. They can earn a living for themselves, live by themselves, commute by themselves - they're just not afraid of being alone.

In a relationship, they may lean on their partners, but they do not necessarily depend on their partners for everything.

They never stop improving.

Life is a learning experience until you pass on to the next realm, and strong women never stop developing and defining who they are.

They love to learn new skills, study new information, form new ideas, and be the best person that they possibly can be.

They have a greater purpose.

Being a strong woman is about more than being a woman - it's about knowing what your purpose is and honoring it. A woman's purpose is exactly whatever it is she wants it to be.

They don't subscribe to gender roles.

Many people misunderstand what feminism is about. Feminism is not exclusively about women going out and becoming CEOs or world leaders or wealthy billionaires.

Being a feminist isn't about conquering the world. Being a feminist is about being the woman you want to be and not letting tradition stand in the way.

If the woman you want to be is a stay at home mother, you have that right. If you'd rather be an engineer or a doctor or a professor, you also have that right. Strong women don't subscribe to gender roles.

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