Stephen Hawking’s 7 Predictions Of The End Of Humanity Within The Next 200 Years

No matter how much time and effort one man spends during his lifetime studying the dark abyss that we call the universe, the truth is that it will forever remain the great unknown. While there are many things that science can uncover, the one thing that humans will never be able to undermine is the plan of a higher power.

But, this iconic physicist died trying and what he found out is concerning, as it will happen during our children’s lifetime.

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, born in 1942 and died in 2018, was known to be one of the most significant theoretical physicists in all of history. Dubbed as the greatest scientist of all time since Albert Einstein, this legend spent his life studying the hidden mysteries of the universe.

A Black and white photo of Stephen Hawking smiling.
Archive Photos / Getty Images
Archive Photos / Getty Images

With cosmology being the main focus of his work, Hawking’s theories about the fate of humanity will remain forever relevant even though he is no longer physically with us. There seven predictions specifically that he made that would end life as we know it and become Earth’s Demise.