Stop Arguing With People; Save Your Energy For Those Who Matter

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Manipulators are people who go out into the world with some of the worst intentions imaginable. They are only thinking about themselves, have very little interest in things that don’t benefit them in the long run and destroy a variety of relationships in order to get exactly what they want.

If you are in a horrible circumstance with a manipulator, then you may want to read about these five tips on how you can deflect them away from your direction. No one needs unnecessary conflict in their lives, especially from someone who is deliberately destroying people for selfish gain.

1. Confidence

man in denim shirt arguing on couch with woman in white
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Envato / Pro-stock

Manipulators prey upon people who exude low self-esteem and feed off of it consistently as if it were a drug.

If you present yourself in a very confident manner, stand up for what you think is right, and tell them that you are a person with value, then they will see that there is no persuading you into doing their bidding.

They may come off as persistent at times, but you will have to stand your ground and make it known that you are not going to be moved by someone so petty.