Stop Arguing With People; Save Your Energy For Those Who Matter

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Manipulators are people who go out into the world with some of the worst intentions imaginable. They are only thinking about themselves, have very little interest in things that don’t benefit them in the long run and destroy a variety of relationships in order to get exactly what they want.

If you are in a horrible circumstance with a manipulator, then you may want to read about these five tips on how you can deflect them away from your direction. No one needs unnecessary conflict in their lives, especially from someone who is deliberately destroying people for selfish gain.

1. Confidence

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Manipulators prey upon people who exude low self-esteem and feed off of it consistently as if it were a drug.

If you present yourself in a very confident manner, stand up for what you think is right, and tell them that you are a person with value, then they will see that there is no persuading you into doing their bidding.

They may come off as persistent at times, but you will have to stand your ground and make it known that you are not going to be moved by someone so petty.

2. Resilience

You must be a very resilient person to argue with a manipulator. They will pry information out of you to see how you feel about certain things, and then try to convince you to do things their way.

They do this in the hope that you will not feel bad about something, only to have selfishly gained your trust and loyalty at that moment.

Do not give them the chance to get underneath your skin. You must be resilient to what they say to you and not give in to their desires or lies.

3. The Power Of “NO”

At any given moment you find yourself with a manipulator, you can always state clearly the word “NO”. You can say no to whomever you want whenever you want and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Instead of arguing or trying to get you to do something you are not comfortable with, you can tell them in whatever tone you’d like, “NO”.

No is a very powerful word and if they do not listen, contact authorities immediately if things get too far out of control.

4. You Know Right From Wrong

Manipulators will do everything in their power to convince you of a false feeling that you may have. They will try to act up a big scene and tell you that your life is in shambles or that you are not emotionally stable.

This is all to break you down and bend to their will. Do not allow them to tell you the way you should feel. There is no other person on the entire planet who knows just how you feel other than yourself.

They do not have power over you or your actions, tell them how you feel and then remove yourself from their presence.

5. Last Resort

If all else has failed and they are still persistent with you in getting their way, simply tell them, “I need you to speak to me calmly, I need you to stop insulting me, I need you to speak to me with kindness, and I need you to take care of those things yourself.”

The phrase “I need you to…” will set the picture in their heads that they are not in control.

You are the one setting demands from them and if they do not comply then decide for yourself if this person is worth sticking around and arguing with.

Hopefully this has helped you in how to deal with manipulators.

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