7 Things You NEED To Stop Expecting From Other People

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Life is hard as it is just by existing in general and the fact that some of us feel the need to uphold highly unrealistic expectations on each other is ludicrous.

Some of us feel that perfection actually does exist out there somewhere in the world, however, we are just unlucky when it comes to finding it.

This is not how things work, expecting everyone to be perfect within your image is pure insanity and should never be forced upon others as if that was the only way to truly exist in this world.

It’s also important to recognize that having these kinds of unrealistic expectations can make it that much harder for us to truly find happiness in our lives.

1. People Change

One of the most important thing to realize is that not everyone is the same after a year has gone by or two years or three years and expecting them to be exactly the same way they were when you first met them is a bad idea.

People change all of the time for reasons that were clearly better for their life at those moments in time. Holding that against them is a very cruel thing to do and you may end up losing them because of this expectation.