7 Things You NEED To Stop Expecting From Other People

Life is hard as it is just by existing in general and the fact that some of us feel the need to uphold highly unrealistic expectations on each other is ludicrous.

Some of us feel that perfection actually does exist out there somewhere in the world, however, we are just unlucky when it comes to finding it.

This is not how things work, expecting everyone to be perfect within your image is pure insanity and should never be forced upon others as if that was the only way to truly exist in this world.

It's also important to recognize that having these kinds of unrealistic expectations can make it that much harder for us to truly find happiness in our lives.

1. People Change

One of the most important thing to realize is that not everyone is the same after a year has gone by or two years or three years and expecting them to be exactly the same way they were when you first met them is a bad idea.

People change all of the time for reasons that were clearly better for their life at those moments in time. Holding that against them is a very cruel thing to do and you may end up losing them because of this expectation.

2. Everyone's Journey Is Different

Just because people do not understand what you have been through in your life doesn't exactly mean that they are uncaring for you.

If a person is unable to fathom any of the things that you had to endure in your life, then that is not their fault. Unfortunately, you and whoever else that has had the same journey as you, no one will truly understand where it is you came from.

3. Expecting Someone To Always Hold Your Hand

Life is full of adversity, it is impossible to expect everyone to lend a helping hand when times get rough on you. You have to be willing to accept the fact that you are an individual person who is more than capable of handling a critical situation all on your own.

Accept the times when people are generous enough to help out and then realize when you are on your own entirely. This doesn't mean that they don't want to help but the fact that it could just be poor timing on their end to offer any kind of assistance to you at the moment.

4. Agree To Disagree

Expecting everyone to agree on literally everything you say is also pure insanity. There will always be a variety of other perspectives in the world that are not your own and you are going to have to be willing to view those perspectives whether you like it or not.

There is more than one way to look at something and expecting everyone to agree on one point of view is entirely unrealistic. It is important that you learn how to be fluid with conversation.

5. No One Can Read Your Mind

Expecting others to just know what it is you want and exactly how you want it is way too unrealistic simply because not everyone is able to read minds.

It is important that you are able to express what you are feeling, exactly what you want, and how you want it to others. Essentially, just being able to communicate to others on a normal level as well as being honest play important roles when it comes to getting what you want.

6. Nobody Is Perfect

Expecting people to be perfect in general is probably the most unrealistic expectation there is in the entire world. Nobody is perfect and thinking that there's such a thing as a perfect human being, you are going to find yourself scavenging the entire earth for a very long time.

You must be willing to accept people's differences no matter the shape or form they come in. Humans are unable to help their flaws and instead learn to cope with those flaws simply because that is who they are as a person. Why expect them to be something different than who they are?

7. Not Everyone Can Keep It Together

Expecting everyone to be able to keep their lives together is also one of the most unrealistic expectations there is in the world. Do you truly think people love not having their lives together just at the snap of your fingers?

Most people would kill to have some kind of stability it's hard enough having their friends and family pile driving their emotions into the ground because they expected more from them.

It's important to recognize that not everyone is able to keep their lives together and probably for a lot of very good reasons.

Hopefully this has helped you recognize some of the flawed, unrealistic expectations that we hold over each other. Maybe some of your friends do these things or some of your family members.

Let them know that having these kinds of expectations will get them nowhere in the world with others.


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Even Darkness Leads To New Beginnings

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Love Was Written In The Stars

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"My cousin was in his wife's future family picture (the guy on the left), on a trip to Rio De Janeiro, 7 years before they met."

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What Goes Around Comes Around

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"My grandmother died, so my family cleaned out the house and did the usual thing when people die. A few years later, my mom, being a crafty lady, went to a craft store and purchased a pack of papers with different designs on them (maps, newspaper clippings etc). One of the papers was a collage of recipe cards. She recognized the writing and the recipes.

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All In Divine Timing

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Saved By Grace

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A Final Goodbye From Beyond

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"A couple of years back, I had a dream of my grandfather, who I was not particularly close to by any means. In my dream I saw his casket formally covered by an American flag-- he served in the military. He stood next to me in a room full of mourners and held my hand. He told me not to follow him out of the doors when he left. I watched him leave.

When I woke up and went downstairs, my older brother informed me that my grandfather had just passed away in his sleep while I also slept." - MultipleColoredChloe / Reddit

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