Stop Explaining Yourself And Telling People Everything

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Why is it that people feel as though they have to explain themselves? Is it the way we’re brought up? Is it society’s expectations? Why can’t we just live our lives without having to explain why we do what we do? I mean, whose business is it what we do and why? Guess what?

If you’re not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal, it’s absolutely nobody else’s business! And, you most certainly don’t owe anyone an explanation for these 6 things:

1. Your living situation

Someone standing in front of a doormat that says 'HOME' in black letters, save for the O, which is a red heart.
Pexels / Kelly
Pexels / Kelly

The way you live your life in your own home is nobody’s business but yours. It’s nobody else’s business if you live alone, with roommates, with a partner or with your ex.

If you’re happy with it, do it.

2. Your physical appearance

We all go through physical changes during the course of our lives. We gain weight, lose weight, dye our hair or grow a beard.

Any change in the way you choose to look doesn’t require an explanation. Your grandma will just have to get over the fact you have purple hair.

3. Your religious and/or political views

I can’t tell you how many times I have read really nasty responses to a political or religious post on Facebook. Everyone has their own personal views of religion and politics.

And, those views should be respected and no explanation should be necessary.

4. Not having children

You should never have to explain why you don’t have children to anyone. Maybe you have a medical condition or maybe having children just isn’t right for you.

Whatever the reason, it’s nobody else’s business.

5. Being single

The same goes for being single. Nobody should question you or make you feel “less than” because you don’t have a partner. It’s your choice. You don’t have to explain it.

6. Your life priorities

You want to put off going to college for a year in order to backpack through Peru. You want to open your own restaurant rather than work in someone else’s.

Your career is more important to you right now than getting married and having children.

Whatever the priorities are in your life, they are YOURS. And, you don’t have to live your life to impress anyone else or give explanation for it.

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