Shocking Claim: NASA Officials Say The Earth Will Experience 15 Straight Days Of Darkness This Month

Last July, Charles Bolden, an official at NASA, leveled an incredible claim: that the earth would go completely dark between November 15th and November 29th this year. Bad news for solar power companies, right?

According to the website Newswatch33, astronomers at NASA indicated that the world would remain in complete darkness for 15 days, caused by another astronomical event involving Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden released a one thousand page document that explained it to the President and the public.

In this document, Bolden explains that "Venus and Jupiter will engage in a close parallelism," that Venus would shine 10 times brighter than Jupiter and the light from Venus would heat Jupiter's gases and trigger a reaction.

Sounds scary, right? Here's the problem: it's all totally made up.

To begin with, Newswatch33 isn't a legitimate source of news. It is identical to and likely related to NewsWatch28, another fake news website that was shut down earlier this year. This story that the earth would go dark for 15 days stems from an older viral rumor, so it's not even a uniquely made up story.

It's pretty clearly a hoax. The NASA website doesn't have any information about such an event. There was recently an interesting astronomical event between Jupiter and Venus where the two appeared very closely in the night sky. It won't cause us to live in darkness for half a month though.

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