8 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People

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Successful, strong willed individuals have common traits. While strong willed people help the world in obvious and grander ways than others, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. While every personality has unique advantages, every person can gain from having more faith and confidence in themselves.

1. You Have Little To No Tolerance For Ignorance, Laziness, Or Disrespect

There really isn’t any reason to propagate these traits, though people try to find a way and make up reasons to.

You have realized that people that don’t try to correct these aspects of themselves, aren’t the best to be around. You are trying to enjoy life and better yourself and surroundings.

You expect the same of those around you.

2. Getting Attention Isn’t A Major Goal

You have your own goals and desires that are important to you.

You enjoy getting noticed for your efforts but you do the job because it’s important to you to get it done. You work and excel for your own benefit and respect.

3. Fear Doesn’t Rule You

We are all afraid of something. You have realized that to ignore one’s fear is the way to let fear grow and rule us. You acknowledge your fear in order to stay in control of your life.

4. You Choose Your Friends Carefully

The people we choose to get close to and trust have a lot of influence with us. These decisions can help us grow and reach new levels of happiness and awareness or hold us back and stunt our abilities.

Knowing this you choose carefully and watch out for yourself.

5. You’re Selective About Who You Date

You don’t go out with just any meathead from Tinder.

You don’t do small talk on the first date. You want real human interactions. It makes finding a date a little bit harder and getting a call back from a date more difficult still, but it’s worth it for you.

6. You Don’t Bother With Excuses

Excuses and complaints don’t help any situation. ‘Failed’ situations and goals should be examined and it should be understood what went wrong. But it isn’t productive to to blame anyone or anything.

You are ready to admit what happened and move on.

7. Active Listening Is Important To You

When people come to you for help, you try to help in whatever way you reasonably can. You don’t just listen, but you help them understand the situation better by adding your perspective.

Not quick to judge, you help them reason out more ways to react or cope.

8. You See Obstacles As Opportunities

Everything worth having has obstacles that have to be overcome. You understand this (which is why you don’t tolerate laziness), and try to keep your spirits and focus up as you go through life.

With a great work ethic, good, well chosen friends and strong intuition you feel guaranteed to do anything.

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