I Am A Strong Woman

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Toxic relationships can deeply affect us at any age, but our greatest period of vulnerability exists in childhood.

A toxic mother-child relationship influences us throughout our adult lives if not dealt with in a healthy manner. The first step is recognizing the signs.

1. You Harbor Negative Emotions

If you’ve acknowledged your mother’s maltreatment, then you’ve also acknowledged how it makes you feel. When you’re confronted with thoughts of your mother, a cauldron of negative emotions boils within you.

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These negative emotions are often some mixture of dread, fear, anxiety, rejection, suffocation, or generalized emotional pain. You have a tough time identifying with friends and associates who derive pleasure from their relationships with their moms.

You might even fantasize about what it would be like to have a mother who evokes positive and loving feelings.

If you excuse your mother’s behavior, then you’re suppressing your negative emotions and still shouldering some of the blame. You might say:

· I wasn’t an easy kid to raise.