Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention, They Leave People Who Make Them Feel Unloved

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If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone and think things are going great only to end up ghosted – you’re not alone. Ghosting is becoming more and more common…and it drives women crazy.

Here’s how it often goes: A woman is ghosted or things end suddenly, and she ends up bombarding her ex’s phone with non-stop text messages, longing for closure. She might even show up to his house, workplace, or other locations he frequents. Then when he still doesn’t text her back, she obsesses over the relationship, everything that happened, trying to make sense of everything. She might even wait around, expecting him to come back and apologize any moment. She wonders what’s wrong with her and what she did wrong. She hopes he’s thinking of her like she is of him.

Here’s the thing about guys though. If they’re interested, you’ll know it. And if they’re not? It’s time to move on. When someone isn’t interested, it’s a waste of time to try and change that.

Besides that, if you truly want a chance with them again (which, why would you if they ghosted you, but if you did), sending texts and acting desperate will just push them away further. Showcasing the strong woman that you are will get heads turning, though!

A strong woman, an Alpha woman, does things a little differently when she realizes a guy isn’t into her.

A strong woman respects herself enough to move on with grace.

She doesn’t sacrifice her dignity and self-respect by sending a million text messages and leaving endless voicemails. If she’s ghosted, she reflects the silence that’s given to her right back at them.

A strong woman does grieve the relationship, but she does so with purpose. She doesn’t lay around sobbing and watching soap operas for weeks. She mourns in a way that feels good to her for a maximum of three days. Then, she puts her “big girl pants” back on and carries on with life.

A strong, Alpha woman knows that she’ll find someone better. After all, if someone ghosted her or ended things distastefully, they’re not emotionally mature enough to be in a healthy relationship to begin with. She recognizes that and may even be happy when a situation like that arises so she can move on quicker to someone worth her time and energy.

Being treated poorly really opens your eyes to the depths of that person’s core and emotional intelligence. A strong woman might even thank them for showing her their true colors early on.

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A strong woman doesn’t settle.

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Marco Testi / Unsplash
Marco Testi / Unsplash

Beyond handling being dumped or ghosted with grace and dignity, a strong woman also knows when she needs to end things and she does so unapologetically. She’s unafraid to move on from a relationship if she’s being treated as second-best or being undervalued.

She regularly reassess her relationships to ensure she’s being met with respect and appreciation.

She ends things gracefully if and when need be. She doesn’t offer lengthy explanations or drawn-out apologies. Rather, she calls for a simple face to face meeting (or even a phone call) and explains that she doesn’t see long-term potential in the relationship and doesn’t want to waste either of their time any longer.

She thanks him for their time together and wishes him well. That’s it. No apologies, sob stories, explanations, or quests for closure. After all, at the end of the day if things didn’t work out, it doesn’t really matter why. There’s no need to dive into the relationship once it’s already ended.

She knows that if things don’t work out with one man, there are others. There are enough men for every person and her “Mister Right” is out there somewhere. She’s willing to stay single until she finds a man with the right traits.

A strong woman refuses to chase love.

Trying to “fight” for love with the wrong person never ends well and she knows it. She has too much self-respect and dignity to push for things to work in a relationship that’s anything less than great.

As romanticized as it is to chase after people and do crazy things in the name of love, a strong woman knows her worth and refuses to chase anyone who doesn’t value her – and men respect her for it.

While it may feel right to cling to your relationship and “fight” for your ex in the name of love, channeling your inner Alpha woman, your inner strength, and moving on with grace and dignity will boost your confidence, self-esteem, and ease the pain of heartbreak.

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