What Is Secretly Dominating Your Subconscious?

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Our subconscious is a part of our mind that we’re not fully aware of, yet it can play a major role in how we feel and act. If the subconscious is dominated by a thought or idea, it may have profound impacts on what we do. What is your subconscious dominated by?

Is it perhaps dominated by food? If so, eating, cooking, making new recipes, and having big dinners with your friends and family may be a priority for you. You’re likely warm, caring, loving, and energetic.

Maybe your subconscious is dominated by sex. You simply love to love and want to meet the perfect partner or stick with them if you’ve found them already. Is sex a big part of your life?

Maybe you’re more like me, dominated by nature. People like us love the earth, spending time in nature, hiking, exploring beautiful places, and simply being outside.

What dominates your subconscious?