Why The August 22 Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius Will Be All About Karma, And Power

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The first Aquarius moon happened in July and this marks a rare experience of a cosmic duo. Once again, the moon will reach its fullness on August 22nd. While it may feel a lot like the last one with humanitarian influence being its focus, this one will have one major difference: Karma.

Remember that full moon are a time of reveal as it is the time where they are most illuminated. It also the time of its energetic peak where manifestations can be harvested, and new ways of thinking are pushed. Being in Aquarius gives this change a whole other meaning.

Moon In Aquarius: A Rebel Without A Cause

woman holding moon between her hands

Drew Tilk / Unsplash

Drew Tilk / Unsplash

​Aquarius tends to hold hippy-like qualities. This gives them free-spirited energy that makes them great innovators. Often such a way of thinking outside the box can come off peculiar or silly. This can cause Aquarius to bottle up its feelings and come off uncaring instead. This is mostly because they know that their mind is made up anyway and no one can change it.

These rebellious traits will come out during this moon phase. Channeling in Aquarius’ innovative energy can bring about new ideas and inspirations that might push you outside of your comfort zone.