Why The August 22 Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius Will Be All About Karma, And Power

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The first Aquarius moon happened in July and this marks a rare experience of a cosmic duo. Once again, the moon will reach its fullness on August 22nd. While it may feel a lot like the last one with humanitarian influence being its focus, this one will have one major difference: Karma.

Remember that full moon are a time of reveal as it is the time where they are most illuminated. It also the time of its energetic peak where manifestations can be harvested, and new ways of thinking are pushed. Being in Aquarius gives this change a whole other meaning.

Moon In Aquarius: A Rebel Without A Cause

woman holding moon between her hands

Drew Tilk / Unsplash

Drew Tilk / Unsplash

​Aquarius tends to hold hippy-like qualities. This gives them free-spirited energy that makes them great innovators. Often such a way of thinking outside the box can come off peculiar or silly. This can cause Aquarius to bottle up its feelings and come off uncaring instead. This is mostly because they know that their mind is made up anyway and no one can change it.

These rebellious traits will come out during this moon phase. Channeling in Aquarius’ innovative energy can bring about new ideas and inspirations that might push you outside of your comfort zone.

The Humanitarian Influence

woman reaching up to the sky

Luziclas / Pexels

Luziclas / Pexels

If you remember the last full moon in Aquarius, you’ll find this one quite similar in its humanitarian influence. This is because both moons are happening in Aquarius, an air sign, so make sure to breathe it in.

This means that this is a great time to give and receive a helping hand. The Moon’s relation to Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune will be providing extra support as you embrace Aquarius’ positive energy and charitable streak.

The Blue Moon’s Extra Energy

moon shining on dock

James Wheeler / Unsplash

James Wheeler / Unsplash

This coming Full Moon is extra special because it’s a Blue Moon. This only happens every two or three years when an extra full moons shines in one calendar month or season.

This gives this moon extra energy which should provide clarity on what you truly desire. Use this as an opportunity to change and define what you want to manifest. It’s a great time to work towards amending a relationship with someone you miss or asking for that promotion you’ve been working hard after. Dream big, and put it out to the moon.

The 29th Degree And Karma

cat sitting in the shadow of the moon

Pixabay / Pexels

Pixabay / Pexels

Full moons are about completion. Be careful as left loose ends can come with a vengeance. This is a good time to get confrontations out of the way and express any needs that were pushed to the sidelines.

When a planet is hanging out at 29 degrees of any sign like this one, also known as Anaretic degree, it holds the most peak and intense energy point of that sign. With the sun at 29 degrees Leo, you’ll be left feeling on top of your game.

Good Karma Vs Bad Karma

woman reaches up to the moon

Ruvim / Unsplash

Ruvim / Unsplash

Like with every sign’s energy, there will be the good and the bad. While this sign gives you an opportunity to give out a lot of good karma, such as by helping others and loving yourself, it can also have a flip side.

Be careful of Aquarius’ stubborn and greedy energy. Its intellect and innovation can turn into greed and self-absorption when taken too far. As you channel its energy, try to find a balance between yourself and others.

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