Super Full Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On February 9th 2020

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On February 9, we will experience a passion-filled Full Moon in the sign of Leo.

This Full Moon is one that will bring about heightened energy and courage and give us the initiative and strength to chase our greatest desires.

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This is the first of two Super Moons we will experience this year and will reach its peak at 2:33am EST.

Super Moons occur when the Full Moon is closest to the Earth as it moves about its elliptical orbit, making them appear up to 30% brighter and larger than usual.

This incredibly luminous Super Moon will see us experience more heightened energy and vibrations as we are showered in radiant moonlight.

This Full Moon was originally named the Snow Moon by Native American tribes because of February’s winter and snow-filled weather.

Super-charged energy portal that will ignite a fire in our souls

Leo is ruled by the Sun so anytime that we have a Full Moon in Leo, we experience a super-charged energy portal that shines a divine light down on those things in our lives that feel heavy and dark.

This Leo Full Moon will ignite a fire in our souls and allow us to connect with our inner Sun, clearing away anything that seeks to dim our inner flame.

We are reminded that life is made to be experienced, not controlled.

The Universe will help us feel more connected than ever before to our true life’s path. We are asked to take some time for self-reflection.

What brings you a sense of purpose? What sets your soul on fire and fans your inner flame? We will be showered with the divine clarity to clear away anything that separates you from your purpose and fails to bring peace within your life.

This is an incredibly strengthening and motivating Moon filled with incredible restorative energy.

We will feel more connected to the present than ever before as we tune into the Full Moon’s energy and infuse it with our own.

We are being supported in letting go of that which no longer serves us and that which seeks to weigh heavy on our soul.

This Full Moon relates back to the Lionsgate portal we experienced in August 2019 and we may find ourselves revisiting themes that arose during this time or harvesting the seeds that were planted during this time.

As we push past old fears and barriers, we usher in a time of tremendous breakthroughs.