Full Worm Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On March 9th 2020

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Something is brewing beneath the bubbling surface of slow, internal contemplation, something that has been taking place for the last several weeks.

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That thing brewing is Mars, solid determination, and the mixture of determination and raw energy (Mars) with imagination and that which contemplates (Neptune) is a perfect equation for passion.

Passion, the mixture of things conducive to plans forming and coming to fruition, will likely result from this rejuvenating Full Moon, in the two signs of internal thought.

Here’s some info about how each sign will feel the Full Moon.


Something very much resembling the action-prone qualities of your sign is saturating the air right now.

Saturation is a fitting word, because this watery ocean of the opposite modality, slower, more pondering and daydreamy Pisces energy also provides a canvas for your energy on this Full Moon.