The Magic Of New Beginnings – Super New Moon In Aries

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On Thursday April 7th, we welcome the super moon with love and appreciation. A super moon refers to a full moon or new moon that are closer to the Earth.

Whether or not it is visible doesn’t change its magnified effects. New moons hails new beginnings. This one is occurring under Mars/Aries.

The time has come to embrace change and stimulate any stagnant areas of your life. As the dust disturbed by the multiple eclipses in March comes to a settling point, we will be empowered to boldly reshape our alignments and life.

Uranus gives us the courage to honor our true selves and make those hard or ignored decisions. Pluto’s presence will force us to make the right decision regardless of fear or laziness. This lunar cycle will not be about you being comfortable, it will revolve around you growing and reaching new heights.

This past year has made us aware of new problems and ways to achieve our goals. The combined effect of Uranus, Pluto, and Eris will result in the first serious steps back to where we belong. This will require an overhaul in a wide range of personal aspects.

If you have been having financial issues you will see a marked improvement at the end of the month. during this time stay sharp for the opportunities to shape your bank account up.

This cycle will boost our awareness and ability to honestly acknowledge larger truths. With this improved ‘sight’ we will notice the after effects of our past mistakes. Man oh man have we made some of those! Do not waste your time beating yourself up or energy lamenting what could have been. This is another mistake and we just agreed you have made enough.