Get Ready For A Major Shift! Rare Super Moon In Aries – October 16, 2016

If you've been looking for the right time to make some real changes in your life, get ready because the perfect time could be approaching sooner than you think.

When the extremely rare super full moon brightens up the evening sky on the night of October 16, it will create a cosmic energy shift that will be felt by people around the world.

However, before you can use the positive vibrations of this super moon to your benefit, you need to first understand the science behind it.

If the moon is at the point of its orbit where is comes closest to the earth on the same night as a full or new moon it's known as a super moon.

Because this super moon is happening on a full moon during the time of its orbit where it is the closest to the earth it will be all month.

So it will emerge 14% bigger, shine 30% brighter than a regular apogee moon, meaning the time of the moon's orbit where it is farthest distance from the earth.

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