Get Ready For A Major Shift! Rare Super Moon In Aries – October 16, 2016

This October super moon will happen at a time where the moon is in Aries, which will introduce an energetic, enthusiastic, and affectionate kind of energy, along with all the other lively and adventurous qualities that Aries are known for.

In fact, if you are able to harness the positive vibrations, and make the most of the super moon shift, some amazing changes could be coming your way. Discover some of the benefits that can occur from the super full moon in Aries.

End all the toxic relationships in your life.

You need to re-assess all the major relationships in your life to make sure that they are worth the time and effort you spend on them.

If you find that you have people in your life holding you back, or causing you un-needed stress, cut them off and keep your distance from them because they aren't worth your time.

Be more productive.

Since the moon is going to be in Aries, you can make use of the physical and determined traits of the sign that are perfect for getting work done.

If there are any projects that you've been putting off for the right time, get started because you'll have the energy and persistence necessary to finish them now.

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