11 Things Only People Who Suppress Their Emotions Will Understand

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Some of us carry catastrophic storms in our hearts and minds wherever we go.

They try to keep everything bottled in as they have trouble expressing themselves or nobody’s listening.

When they do react , they are reacting to not only the current situation but the many like it before.

If two or more of these aspects relate to you then I’d suggest you start venting and seeking avenues of love and acceptance for yourself (and the safety of others).

Your Inner Voice Is Always Screaming

There is no little voice in your head, only screaming and yelling insane people in your head.

You’re Incredibly Empathic

One of the reasons you’re always upset is your keyed into the suffering of those around you. You collect their negative emotions like a magnet and don’t know how to let go, once you have it.

Your Outer Response To Terrible People Is Positive

When someone treats you wrong or unfairly you normally just smile and nod. In your head though, you are tearing them into shreds. On occasion the pressure valve slips and you reacting disproportionately to the situation.

Keeping A Lid On Your Feelings Is A Survival Method

If you hadn’t learned to keep a lock on your feelings and thoughts you would be a serious safety hazard for those around you.

Your Emotions Are Intense

Due to a mix of explanations, you are deeply in touch with your emotions. As a result of you not sorting them out or letting them go you find yourself on a emotional rollercoaster ALL the time.

You Hate Crying

All that effort to keeping others in the dark about your constant emotional distress goes to waste when you express this outward form of sadness. When you start to cry, it so hard to stop, as you cry off other bottled up emotions.

You Don’t Share Your Anxiety

You don’t share anything, so why would you clue others into your high anxiety? The effects of your anxiety are compounded by the urge to keep it hidden.

When Something Pisses You Off You Don’t React Till

You wait till you are all alone before you freak out and let yourself express what you are truly feeling.

You Have Trouble Speaking Up

You don’t know how valid your thoughts and emotions are, so you always keep them to yourself.

You want everyone to ignore your pain, so ‘just leave me alone’!

Sometimes it’s nice to just be left alone, right?

You’re Easily Triggered

While you do your best to keep your reactions hidden, you react to EVERYTHING. Your reactions are frequently not in line with the situation.

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