5 Forgotten Survival Skills That Kept Native Americans Alive

They learned medicinal uses for plants.

Native Americans often knew the medicinal value of the plans where they lived. At the very least they had a rudimentary understanding of what each herb did. Modern medicine evolved out of this kind of healing. Much of it still works.

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They were aware.

Anymore, most of us are dullards. We aren't too aware of our surroundings. It's like we've been taught to miss all the little details. Native Americans and other aboriginal people survived often because they were aware of their surroundings. They saw what was happening in their environment. They could smell the way the wind's blowing.

They wasted nothing.

Today's society is obscenely wasteful. We sh*t in our fresh water and throw stuff in the trash that we don't use anymore. Native Americans often wasted very little. If they had to kill an animal to survive, they used all of it they could. Each of their resources was used until no more use could come of it.

They made things themselves.

300 years ago, there was no big box store where you could buy your couches or a grocery store where you could buy household goods. Native Americans had to make everything themselves. I'm not saying you need to dig up your entire yard and plant food, although it's not the worst idea, but consider some of your household items and find ways to make them yourself.

They lived in harmony with the Earth.

This one is last because it's most important. We tend to think of ourselves as living outside of nature. Our jobs don't often interact with the environment, we don't often live near the environment, so we kind of forget it. The Native Americans knew it and we need to remember it: if we don't take care of the earth and learn how to take care of the environment, nature is going to kick our asses.

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