Take A Journey Through The Woods – Discover What It Reveals About Your Relationships

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You’re walking along a nice, easy path through the forest when you come upon a rose bush. It has one single flower and it’s the most beautiful rose you’ve ever seen.

What do you do with it?

You continue on, climbing up a hill, revealing a deep green valley below. You see a horse and can’t can’t seem to tear your eyes away from it.

Why? What is it doing? Describe the horse.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a completely different place.

Where is it?

Someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to see someone you know.

Who is it?

You walk along a path in this new place and find yourself at a body of water.

What is it? A small pond? A rushing river? Is the water moving fast, slow, or is it still?

You need to cross it.

How? Do you swim across, walk around it, look for a bridge or build yourself a raft?

After crossing the river, you find a drinking container.

What does it look like? Do you take it or leave it? Do you fill it or leave it empty?

Want to learn what this all means?  The results are below:

1. The rose.

This is how you react to temptation. If you picked the rose, you may be more prone to giving in to temptation.

2. The horse.

The horse describes your perfect partner.

3. The new surroundings.

This is your favorite, or at least potentially your favorite place in the world. It’s where you would most like to be right now.

4. The tap.

The person who tapped you on your shoulder is someone you trust more than anyone else.

5. The water.

The water is your appetite toward sex. The size of the body of water represents the size of your libido. The clarity of the water reveals your opinions about sex. If it’s murky, it may reveal prejudices toward sex. Deep water indicates greater fulfillment from lovemaking. Few details in the stream indicate a playfulness toward sex. If there was any life in the water, it means you may have a stronger desire for children.

The faster the pace of the water, the higher your libido and more vigorous your sex drive.

The ease with which you cross the water indicates how liberal or conservative you are sexually. Finding a way to cross indicates that you’re more interested in new sexual experiences. Walking around the water shows that you might not be so adventurous.

6. The container.

The container indicates how you feel about romance. If the container was plain and practical, you’re probably more rational toward relationships. If it was ornamental, you may idealize your relationships and be more adventurous. If you took the container, you may feel like you’re happier in longer term relationships. If you filled the container, it means that intimacy makes up a large part of your relationship?

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