7 Signs You Aren't Taking Care Of Yourself Properly

You can't accept who you are.

Sometimes the person we are isn't what society wants us to be, so we feel pressure be someone other than ourselves. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be you, though. Truly, you'll never feel more alive than when you live out loud and proud.

You have no passions.

Passion is such an important thing in life. You don't have to be passionate about feeding the hungry or saving the world. You can be passionate about Tarot, or passionate about yoga. But find passion for your life!

You don't honor your thoughts.

This ties in somewhat with #1. It's important that we honor our thoughts. That doesn't mean making every little thought a reality, but really allow yourself to think hard about it. Don't be afraid of your thoughts. Let them flow freely.

You've forgotten your core beliefs.

Beliefs are an important part of life. They guide us and form the bedrock of our lives. It's okay to have beliefs! It's okay to have a core set of guidelines. When we start neglecting ourselves, we often neglect our beliefs too.

Your intentions don't reflect your ideals.

Often when we neglect our beliefs, we stop taking the actions we know to suit our ideals. This is a slippery slope to find yourself on. You should honor your beliefs with the right intentions.

You've given up what you want in life.

I think nearly everyone has big goals in life that they'd like to achieve. Never give up on them! Keep them in your crosshairs. When you give up on what you want out of life, you're making a serious concession.

You're ignoring your needs.

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