Taurus And Cancer Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship & More

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In a Taurus and Cancer relationship, there is comfort. Their relationship feels like a home filled with lowkey dates, like cooking dinner together and watching movies while cuddling. Both homebodies, their relationship is filled with affection within the safe space of their home.

Like any other couple, they have their differences. Cancer is the sensitive one, which can sometimes come off as irrational to the logical Taurus. At the same time, Taurus is stubborn, making Cancer feel like they always have to be the bigger person. Still, this soulmate connection is strong enough to make the relationship stand the test of time.

After all, both of these signs are romantics who are willing to put in the effort to work through issues as they come up. According to astrologers, the Taurus and Cancer planetary alignments are at a 60-degree angle, which is one of the most favorable for compatibility. This match is written in the stars and their sextile alignments help Cancer and Taurus build a comfortable foundation.

Here is how Taurus and Cancer compatibility rules their love, trust, friendship, and more.

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Taurus Traits

Taurus is the second of the 12 astrological signs and is symbolized by the bull constellation. As an Earth sign, Taurus has a calm demeanor. Even in times of crisis, they have a natural ability to ground themselves. They do well under stress and don’t give in to their bullish temper easily. This makes them able to have stable relationships and cope with their feelings in a healthy way.

Sebastian Arie Voortman / Pexels
Sebastian Arie Voortman / Pexels

At the same time, bulls are creatures of habit. They like things to be done exactly their way and prefer the stability of routine over the chaos of spontaneity. They need to feel in control and prefer to be able to predict what’s ahead. When they can’t, they feel out of balance and outside of their comfort zones. This is when the horns start to come out.

Taurus is ruled by their strong moral compass (as well as being ruled by Venus). They’re strict rule followers who prioritize honesty. They would rather protect their integrity than protect someone else’s feelings. They’re not afraid to say exactly what they’re thinking even if it’s harsh. In fact, others rely on them to speak the truth.

However, this also makes them stubborn. Taurus has little room for flexibility and has a hard time with compromise. They’re rarely willing to negotiate from their standards and are stuck in their ways. This often is their biggest problem in relationships, whether at work or romantically. It also sometimes prevents them from moving forward as it makes them resistant to change. Their critical ways can make it feel impossible to make them happy.

Taurus is loyal and a hard worker. They give all their effort in everything they put their mind to, including their relationship. It’s their tenacity that also ultimately helps them succeed. When they’re not working hard, they like to let loose around those they feel comfortable with and trust.

Cancer Traits

Cancers are those born between June 21 and July 22. This sign is symbolized by the crab, and its emotions are ruled by the moon and water. Cancer is notorious for its mood swings and sensitive nature. At the same time, Cancers have an almost psychic like ability that allows them to use their sensitivity to see completely through the eyes of others. They’re equally as introspective as they are empathetic.

Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

Their feelings are both their greatest asset and biggest weakness. While it allows them to be kind and emotionally intelligent to everyone they meet, it blurs their boundaries. Cancers have a hard time saying no at the risk of upsetting others and taking on everyone else’s baggage. They give much more than they receive. Cancers end up being the parent figure in their social circles. They take care of everyone’s needs above their own. However, they have a way of making everyone they come across feel loved and special.

Cancers look for partners who are equally empathetic and kind. They can use their psychic intuition to read potential suitors like a book from the start. However, they sometimes mistake someone who understands them for a good person. Due to their empathetic nature, they often attract narcissists.

Cancers are introverted and are known as one of the homebodies of the zodiac. While they appreciate being pushed out of their comfort zones every once in a while, they prefer the comfort of their home. They look for partners who are homebodies and that are committal. Only once they’re comfortable and trust their partner are they able to let loose and show off their wilder side.

Taurus And Cancer Communication

A Taurus and Cancer couple do not face any serious problems when it comes to communication. They both possess high levels of emotional intelligence that allow them to confront issues as they arise and talk them through.

cheerful-asian-couple-standing-in-underground-station talking
Samson Katt / Pexels
Samson Katt / Pexels

Their expression, however is where they differ. While neither one hides how they feel, Cancer is more passive-aggressive and prefers to sugarcoat their feelings. They fear upsetting their Taurus partner by being harsh and pushing them away. Taurus, on the other hand says it exactly like it is. They would rather be clear than avoid hurting Cancer’s feelings. Since Cancer is known for being more sensitive, this doesn’t always go well.

The other obstacle in their communication is that both of these signs are passionate emotional beings. Cancer feels deeply and will often cry during confrontations. This can make them feel flustered and make it harder to express themselves. They need Taurus to remain calm and encourage them to open up gently. However, Taurus being a bull sometimes gets too frustrated and will get angry at Cancer for not being as direct as them. This makes it hard to give Cancer the reassurance they need. If Taurus can be patient, then Cancer will let their defenses down and learn to communicate their needs. This would mean that Taurus also has to be less stubborn and not push too hard.

At the end of the day, both of these signs see right through each other. They can usually tell what the other is thinking so even if they can’t resist their downfalls in the moment, they come back around eventually.

Taurus And Cancer Intimate Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus have a passionate, intimate relationship. They’re entirely in sync with each other’s needs and understand each other’s love languages. Both prioritize physical touch. In fact, Taurus is sensual and passionate and wants their Cancer partner to feel good. Cancers love that kind of attention and are fully engaged in the moment with Taurus, which leads to strong sexual compatibility.

Shvets Anna / Pexels
Shvets Anna / Pexels

What brings this connection to the next level is that its as strong emotionally as it is physically. Cancers will verbally communicate what they need and Taurus is turned on by their directness. These two can spend hours on end cuddling and kissing, creating a strong bond. The more they build their physical connection, the more they fall for each other emotionally.

When they first meet, these two automatically feel comfortable with each. As time goes by, their patience keeps their passion consistent. They figure out exactly what the other likes and are attuned to their bodies. They crave closeness. They’re the kind of touchy couple that’s not afraid to show a little PDA. Their tolerance for routine is high so they don’t mind doing the same thing over and over again as long as it feels good. This helps them build confidence about the relationship and individually feel good in their own bodies.

Taurus And Cancer Trust

Taurus and Cancer find it easy to trust each other fully. They give their trust easily, although when it breaks, it can be impossible to restore it. Their relationship is so comfortable and they’re so attuned to each other and their own feelings, so they rarely have to guess what the other person is thinking or doing. They spend most of their time together and at home, so there is little opportunity for one of them to be tempted to betray the other.

Git Stephen Gitau / Pexels
Git Stephen Gitau / Pexels

Taurus and Cancer share similar values when it comes to their lifestyle and goals. They put the people in their life first, with fun and adventure coming second. They are homebodies who prefer to get their fill of quality time before engaging with their social circles.

Cancer and Taurus have open and honest communication—even if it’s not what the other person wants to hear. Their need to talk things through right as it happens might make it hard not to get emotional but also allows them to get past it quickly and not hold on to any feelings that can threaten the trust. It may take Cancer longer to open up and be direct, but once they do, these two have all the tools to build a solid foundation to support the rest of their relationship and never to have to question their loyalty to each other.

Taurus And Cancer Personality Traits

Tauruses are creatures of habit that work hard at everything they do. They like to feel like their success was earned and are relentless when they put their mind to achieving something. Their stubbornness makes them rigid but also keeps their eyes on their prize.

hoto-of-a-man-carrying-his-partner in field
Josh Willink / Pexels
Josh Willink / Pexels

Taurus has a strong but stable personality. While they are passionate homebodies like Cancers, they are able to balance out emotional and sensitive Cancers with their level-headed and grounded aura. Cancers appreciate how reliable Taurus is because they make them feel like they finally met someone who is as loyal as them.

These two share a lot of similar families, especially when it comes to family and home life. Taurus and Cancer have nurturing personalities that help them care for each other, and they’re attracted to the concept of domestic bliss.

While they both can get stuck in their comfort zones, they also have the ability to support one another outside of their zones as they both have big goals they want to achieve together. They love to give equally without expecting much in return.

Taurus And Cancer Emotional Compatibility

Cancers and Tauruses are entirely comfortable opening up to each other emotionally. Cancer takes longer to let their guard down as they need extra reassurance that they’re loved and attended to. Lucky for them, Taurus takes commitment seriously and values family life and marriage.

Vodafone x Rankin / Pexels
Vodafone x Rankin / Pexels

A Taurus is willing to devote themselves entirely to Cancer and eventually Cancer believes them. Once these two take their relationship to the next level, they’re loyal forever. They have the motivation to work through the hard times with Taurus blending their logical edge with Cancer’s psychic intuition.

Both of these signs spend their whole lives growing their level of emotional intelligence. Each sign is known for being very self-aware, which increases their awareness of others and each other. They understand each other’s needs and make themselves emotionally available to meeting them. They’re quite in sync emotionally.

Cancer and Taurus will never be content with small talk. They like to explore philopshical topics and pick each other’s brains with moral dilemmas. Their connection runs deep, even on an intellectual level. While they disagree on some things, they share similar values that makes it comfortable to express themselves. They never judge each other. They have a solid foundation that creates a stable and secure connection between them.

Taurus And Cancer Dating Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer’s relationship takes time to build to its full fruition. However, when they first meet, it can feel like they’ve known each other forever. The early dating stage is comfortable and both signs are transparent about their feelings, seeing no gain in playing games. They prefer to take things slow to let their guard down. Yet, they’re both excited to be able to show attention without coming off as needy, as they both accept each other and are similarly passionate.

Edward Eyer / Pexels
Edward Eyer / Pexels

As they get closer together, they develop a strong bond. They push each other to grow as Taurus encourages Cancer to express themselves directly and Cancer helps Taurus release some of their stubbornness and become more patient.

These two balance each other out and nurture their connection both emotionally and physically. They fight hard for their love. While at times this can make them emotional with the water sign Cancer tearing up and the bull in Taurus getting angry, they never have the intention to hurt each other. Sometimes they have to get to that point to get past it.

Despite the challenges, Taurus and Cancer compatibility is a match made in heaven. They’re both commitment-oriented signs who share the same values when it comes to their home, family, and security. Their relationship inevitably gets more serious and they eventually make it to marriage. Their love is eternal and they stay loyal to each other to the end.

In any relationship, always take stock of your feelings and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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Taurus And Cancer Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendship, these two make a compatible match. Their personalities complement each other as they’re both willing to listen to each other ramble about the same feeling repeatedly until they can process and move on from them. They quickly become best friends as once they form a friendship, they give it priority and devote themselves to taking care of each other. Cancer struggles with boundaries, and they can especially never say no to Taurus.

Andres Ayrton / Pexels
Andres Ayrton / Pexels

They make Taurus feel special and loved. Taurus gives Cancer the space to be themselves unapologetically. They never think of them as “too much,” which is usually their biggest insecurity. They both value authenticity and accept each other as they are. They’re the kind of friends who like to stay in and relax together. They’re comfortable in silence as long as they’re together.

Potential Problems In Taurus And Cancer Relationship

Even the best zodiac matches have some potential problem areas, and Taurus and Cancer are no exception. While they’re aligned on most levels, they have different ways of expressing themselves, which can sometimes harm their communication.

Alex Green / Pexels
Alex Green / Pexels

Cancer is a water sign that prefers avoiding conflict and fears upsetting others. This can sometimes lead them to blur their own boundaries, make them act passive-aggressive or make them cry easily. Taurus is direct and has little patience for guessing games. They need to handle issues as they arise and will get angry when they feel like they’re not able to get Cancer to be open with them, even if they’re harsh. They risk hurting Cancer’s feelings which can disrupt their comfort.

Another problem comes down to their personalities. Crabs are sensitive and moody while Taurus as a fixed sign is stubborn and consistent. While they both care deeply, this can create unequal power dynamics with Taurus being the stronger personality and needing to impose their way.

Understanding this about each other prevents resentment from building up. It may get exhausting at times but it’s usually worth the effort. The more they work at it in the beginning, the less work there is to do overtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Taurus?


Taurus is most compatible with Virgo, Libra, or Pisces. Taurus does best with someone who equally appreciates their values and desire for routine and home life while also pushing them out of their comfort zone so they’re not home all the time. This is why they can’t help but be attracted to free spirits with a sense of adventure and spontaneous energy to balance their grounded stability.

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Cancer?

Cancer is most comfortable with other water signs because they feel as deeply and passionately as them. Pisces in particular is Cancer’s soulmate because although they have similar water sign qualities, like being in tune with their emotions, they’re not as sensitive and love to experience new things. They give the best of both worlds to Cancer, staying home with them to cuddle some nights and encouraging them to go on a spontaneous road trip on other days.

Are Taurus And Cancer A Good Match?

Overall, Cancer and Taurus compatibility is great. Both signs are capable of understanding each other’s needs and have personalities that complement each other. They can spend hours together without ever getting tired of one another. They’re affectionate and caring towards each other and ultimately just want to make each other happy, even if it’s above their own needs. Once they get together, the chances of them separating are slim unless they can’t figure out how to work through their communication issues.

Are Taurus And Cancer Soulmates?

Astrologers believe that Taurus and cancer have soulmate energy. “Taurus and Cancer are extremely compatible,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. “Taurus appreciates dependability and consistency in relationships, and Cancer is certainly a loyal and loving partner. Taurus, being a fixed earth sign, helps sensitive Cancer to open up quite easily. Both are supportive of the other, and there is an emotional depth to the relationship.”

Their union is peaceful and stable. They have a calm relationship that is still full of passion. Their biggest quality is how comfortable they feel with each other, being able to be completely themselves and still being pushed to grow and work through their issues and insecurities.

Should Taurus And Cancer Marry?

Taurus and Cancer are a match made in heaven and are encouraged to get married. In fact, marriage is a desire that they both share as they both have strong family values. Their relationship naturally progresses to a serious level where marriage feels like the natural next step.

However, before getting married, they need to make sure that they have worked through some of their key problems. Cancer needs to be able to be direct with expressing themselves and control their emotional reaction. Taurus needs to be mindful of how their honesty can come across to Cancer and be patient with them as they let their guard down. If they can do that, they become inseparable.

Can Taurus And Cancer Be Friends With Benefits?

Cancer and Taurus can’t handle a physical friends-with-benefits arrangement as they both catch feelings quickly and are deeply emotional beings. Cancer especially has a hard time establishing strict boundaries around their needs and would get caught up in the heat of the moment.

However, these two are friends with ever-helping benefits. This means that they’re able to help each other as friends get through anything, no matter how stuck they feel. They have similar interests and feel good doing everything they can to be there for each other. They get along effortlessly.

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