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Watch as this teen illegally climbs the Great Pyramid of Giza

Say hello to the daring Andrej Ciesielski. He's an eighteen-year-old year old from Germany, who decided to book a trip to Cairo, Egypt.

Once he got there he decided to illegally climb to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The view was totally worth it!

Bringing nothing but his GoPro camera, the young man pretended to be a tourist walking around the pyramid complex. Once he had the perfect opportunity he started his ascent.

He went unnoticed for quite awhile until other tourists and the Egyptian police noticed him about half-way up the climb; but that didn't stop him!

The penalty for this crime is up to three years in jail, but Andrej continued on to the top. However, after soaking up the view, he was immediately taken into police custody after his 20-minute climb back down.

Even with the risk of jail time, Ciesielski said that the GoPro footage and Instagram posts he got at the top of the pyramid made everything worth it.

Below you can find the unbelievable footage captured while climbing the ancient Pyramid.

And here is the extended cut, full length video that shows it all.

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