Teen Sacrifices Herself To Birth Son, But Leaves Final Message With The Nurse

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A mother’s love for her children is unlike any other. After all, their child is a piece of them that they carry inside of them for nine-month. They say that the moment a woman becomes a mother, her child’s life becomes more important than her own.

That’s why when Jenni Lake had to choose between her own life and her baby’s just a few months before her 18th birthday, it felt like a no-brainer. But she wasn’t about to leave without speaking her peace. While in the hospital, she pulled the nurse down and whispered a message in her to be delivered to comfort her family when she was gone.

A Migraine That Changed Lives

Jenni Lake was just your typical high school sophomore until she started experiencing terrible migraines. When her parents finally took her to get checked out, an MRI scan revealed the worse news any family could hear….she had a growing mass on the right side of her brain.

Jennifer Michelle
Jennifer Michelle “Jenni” Lake Obituary
Jennifer Michelle “Jenni” Lake Obituary

Unfortunately, the situation wasn’t looking good. Even having both her divorced parents by her side, Jenni couldn’t help but ask the doctor: “Jenni just flat out asked them if she was going to die,” said her father.