8 Telltale Signs That You’re In Relationship With A Narcissist

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The word “narcissist” is thrown around a lot these days, and for good reason. Dating a narcissist can be mentally exhausting, but you may have no idea until it’s too late. It’s important to recognize the warning signs of narcissism so you can identify them in your relationship if needed. Here are 8 signs you’re with a narcissist:

1. They can’t display empathy

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Efezi / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro
Efezi / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

They don’t express real sympathy or empathy. They don’t really care if someone is having a bad day or if their grandma just died. It’s part of life and if it doesn’t directly affect them, they don’t care.

Their lack of empathy can be expressed in a wide range of ways, from being insensitive to you if you’re having a rough day to being a jerk to the guy at the post office who was moving a little slower than normal.

While most people could think, “maybe they’re having a rough day,” or, “you never know what someone is going through,” a narcissist doesn’t care either way and doesn’t have time to feel for someone else – they’re too busy being important.

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