What Color Is Your Personality?

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There are lots of different personality types out there, and one great way to break them down is by color. Colors make up everything around us and can influence the way our minds work.

To find out your personality color, , then scroll down for more in-depth analysis of the results.

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Red personalities are fiery and passionate. Red doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an angry person but it does mean you’re more likely to be. You tend to be ambitious and confident. Red personalities are strong-willed and love a good fight.


Orange personalities are more playful than reds. They can be childlike and enjoy being active. They’re sometimes hyperactive and need ways to burn off their energy. They are open spirits and great listeners.


Yellow personalities are bubbly and optimistic. They don’t let anyone get them down and they fully believe in themselves and probably you too. They don’t trust easily though.


Purple personalities tend to have the most metaphysical capabilities, like clairvoyance and other psychic tendencies. They’re sensitive, daydreaming types who love to let their imagination run wild. All they want in life is peace. They’re already against the next war.


People with green personalities are the ultimate naturalists. They tend to be introverts and are very curious. They enjoy stimulating, thought-provoking books and conversations. They tend to be sarcastic cynics.


Blue personalities are the romantics and idealists. They can’t stand bad stuff happening in the world and are above all kind and sincere people. They are sensitive but don’t like too many people to see it. They often enjoy water.

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