5 Questions That Are Perfect To Start Your Day With

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For me, the morning sets the stage for my entire day. The things I do or don’t do every morning can make or break the whole rest of the day.

One thing I like to do each morning is ask myself a set of questions. Sometimes they’re a little different, sometimes not.

It all depends on what’s been happening in my life. These are the most common 5 I ask.

1. What if_____?

The interior of a city bus, pictured from the back.
Pexels / Jakob Scholz
Pexels / Jakob Scholz

‘What if’ questions can be seriously counterproductive, but they can also be useful. “What if I get hit by a bus on my walk to work today?” That’s a good question!

Do you have your ID in your purse or wallet? How about a health insurance card? An emergency contact? It can be good to be conscious of some of the bigger what-ifs of your day.