5 Questions That Are Perfect To Start Your Day With

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For me, the morning sets the stage for my entire day. The things I do or don’t do every morning can make or break the whole rest of the day.

One thing I like to do each morning is ask myself a set of questions. Sometimes they’re a little different, sometimes not.

It all depends on what’s been happening in my life. These are the most common 5 I ask.

1. What if_____?

The interior of a city bus, pictured from the back.
Pexels / Jakob Scholz
Pexels / Jakob Scholz

‘What if’ questions can be seriously counterproductive, but they can also be useful. “What if I get hit by a bus on my walk to work today?” That’s a good question!

Do you have your ID in your purse or wallet? How about a health insurance card? An emergency contact? It can be good to be conscious of some of the bigger what-ifs of your day.

2. Who will I see today?

“Who will I see today?” is an important question because it gets you thinking about your schedule, how you may need to comport yourself, and prevents you from accidentally double-booking.

3. What am I going to be doing?

This is kind of a no-brainer!

“What am I going to be doing?” helps you establish your schedule, your deadlines, and when you need to be finished with all the important stuff of your day.

4. What’s really important to me?

This is the one question that I definitely ask myself every day.

“What is important to me?” It’s good to take stock of the people and things in your life and really determine who and what is most important to you.

5. Will it be a good day?

For me, the answer is always yes.

Maybe it doesn’t shake out to be a good day by the end of it, but I at least like to start each day believing that it’s going to be a good one.

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