The 4 Main Reasons Why People Cheat

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We are not here to justify cheating, one of the biggest forms of betrayal that a relationship can experience. However, whenever cheating happens, it can have detrimental effects that leaves the couple wondering how the whole thing can be avoided. There is often a lack of closure and walls are broken that can take years if ever, to be built back up.

While we cannot prevent, or control a cheater, understanding why happens is a reminder that it happens to the best of us. The most that we can do is to understand it as to not blame ourselves when we fall victim to it.

Feeling Neglected

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Taryn Elliot / Unsplash

Taryn Elliot / Unsplash

The way cheaters often justify their actions is by expressing that they craved attention. They often echo that they were experiencing unmet needs and couldn’t resist the opportunity to fill that void.

What they fail to mention is that they often also didn’t communicate their feelings before they act on them. They simply can look for ways to get attention from their partner rather than simply look for it elsewhere.