The Hard Realities Of People Who Have No Idea How Beautiful They Are

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Do you ever wonder why people treat you differently? Why they can’t stand you without you ever doing anything wrong to them? Why others won’t take you seriously? Why do relationships take advantage of you? You might be more beautiful than you see yourself. It’s the people who are beautiful and don’t even realize how beautiful they are that have it the hardest because they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong. Instead, they internalize the way others treat them and often experience low self-esteem as a result.

But we’re here to boost your ego and remind you that you are beautiful. Yes, every single one of you reading this is beautiful. Your beauty is in your intellect, your desire to read, to grow, and to better understand the world. Except, being beautiful also comes at a price. Here’s how.

Craving Recognition

woman typing on laptop while sitting on red carpet

Thought Catalog / Unsplash

Thought Catalog / Unsplash

Alot of the cover faces of successful businesses appear to be beautiful but it turns out that if they’re both talented and physically appealing, they likely had to work even harder. In reality, many beautiful people aren’t taken seriously.

Their accomplishments are often attributed to their looks or outfits instead of being admired for their talent and intellect. They are often mocked or dismissed even when they try their best, leaving them craving recognition that they might never get.

Unwanted Attention

woman standing in front of spotlights and looking at the camera

Ilya Pavlov / Unsplash

Ilya Pavlov / Unsplash

​When beautiful people finally do get some attention, it’s often the wrong kind. People assume they’re just there for a good time and only keep them around when they need something out of them. Beautiful people are trusting and it can be disheartening watching so many of the people they loved turn out to be disloyal or shallow.

In romantic relationships, people will often fall hard and fast for them but fail to actually get to know them for who they are. They create ideals for them and when they fail to match them, they take it out on them.

Their Problems Are Often Belittled

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Kleiton Silva / Unsplash

Kleiton Silva / Unsplash

The people we consider most beautiful are the ones who are usually always wearing a warm smile, always friendly, and always positive. They’re usually the ones to support everyone around them but they’re rarely the ones to get in return. People assume their lives must be easier because of their positivity and beauty so they leave them to tend to their emotions alone.

They assume they’ll bounce back because nothing in their world can be “that bad.” Even when beautiful people try to reach out for support, they rarely ever find the right kind and end up feeling even more alone.

They Can Be The Most Insecure Of All

woman standing in water in white dress looking down

Ryan Moreno / Unsplash

Ryan Moreno / Unsplash

Being considered beautiful comes with a high standard of expectations. People assume that you’re treated differently, that the same rules don’t apply to you, that you don’t have to work as hard as them and that things are just handed to you. This is a false reality that they’ve created to make themselves feel better.

They have no idea how hard you work every day. That everything you have, you’ve earned. That you have to fight through the generalizations and often do it alone. You actually get insecure too, and can’t stand what others expect of you.

Often Socially Rejected

Allef Vinicus / Unsplash

Allef Vinicus / Unsplash

Although attractive people are generally more popular socially, there’s some evidence that beautiful people can also experience social rejection from members of their own sex. Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe others are intimated by them but either way, it never feels good. They are often the center of gossip stories with others trying to taint their image and tear them down as to no longer feel threatened by them.

Yet, the most beautiful people continue to meet those people with kindness because their beauty extends from the inside and out.

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