The 5 Types Of Betrayal That Are Just As Destructive As Cheating

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Relationships don’t always just end based on one catastrophic event like cheating. Sometimes it’s a series of events, repetition, a shakey foundation, or simply a different kind of betrayal.

While cheating is quite horrible and often impossible to come back from, there are other things that feel just as bad. it’s any action or act that wasn’t done with the best intentions, that damages trust, loyalty, and the commitment of love a couple once made to each other.

Refusing To Compromise

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Relationships are supposed to be based on mutual effort. That means that to create an equal power dynamic there will be times when each partner will have to put the needs of the other first.

Part of love and compassion is recognizing when to step back and make the other person feel good. That means that always imposing your own way and needs is a form of betrayal.