The 5 Zodiac Signs That Run On The Highest Energy And Can’t Sit Still

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Are you the kind of person people love to have at parties? Are you usually happier when out and about and go crazy if you stay home alone too long?

We each hold a special frequency of vibrations. Sometimes depending on our mood and state of being we run on higher or lower vibrations which impact the energy we put out into the world. However, regardless of circumstances some zodiac signs naturally run on higher energy than others because of their personalities and tendencies. Are you one of them?

Aries Has An Impulsive Nature

woman looks back while standing at carnival with back covered in tattoos

Mohammad Faruque / Unsplash

Mohammad Faruque / Unsplash

Aries have a really resilient and ambitious character. They like to keep busy so even if they’re procrastinating on important tasks, they’re avoiding it by doing ten other things. When they have nothing to do, they find themselves lost. They’re the kind of people who’ll randomly go on a walk or show up at your door because if they stay home too often they don’t know what to do with themselves.

They love adventure and spontaneity thanks to their impulsive energy. They’re a ‘yes” kind of person and have a lot to offer. They find that accomplishing tasks gives their life more meaning than just sitting there and letting time get wasted. Aries takes on a lot at once and has a busy schedule full of extracurricular, earning them a lot of accomplishments along the way.

Sagittarius: Love Everything New

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Karsten Winegear / Unspash

Karsten Winegear / Unspash

The word “new” is like candy to a Saggitarius. Whether it’s new experiences, meeting new people, traveling to new places, they can’t wait to discover it. New things make their lives feel exciting and uses up their energy. They can tour a city from morning to night and not be tired. They have so much energy that they want to spend on seeing and doing everything possible. This makes them feel alive and like they’re not just living.

Saggitarius can easily feel like they’re missing out and this keeps them going even if it means sacrificing sleep or downtime. They sleep just to replenish their energy. They’re the friend who’ll get you out of your comfort zones and push you to keep going past what you believed to be your limit.

Capricorn Never Runs Out Of Battery

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Vlad Chet / Unsplash

Vlad Chet / Unsplash

Unlike the other signs on this list, Capricorn doesn’t like to be impulsive. They like to use their energy in a focused way to accomplish very specific tasks. Capricorns are that coworker that stays in the office after everyone else has gone home because they just want to keep going. It’s like their batteries never run out no matter how many tasks they check off their never ending to do list.

The more tasks they add to their list the more they feel a sense of purpose and direction. They like to be able to see the big picture and predict the next step no matter how much work it will take. Capricorns are hard workers and their unlimited supply of energy allows them to never quit and helps them carve their way towards all their goals.

Gemini Always Has Something To Say

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Tyler Nix / Unsplash

Tyler Nix / Unsplash

Gemini has a talent for being clever. They’re quick-witted and have the ability to make those around them laugh. Their mind runs fast, often faster than their tongue. Gemini also feeds off of the energy of those around them so they like surrounding themselves with positive energy that heightens their own.

Gemini has stamina in everything they do. When they love they love passionately, when they work, they work tirelessly. They’re never boring and always have a new idea and an innovative way to go about it. They make excellent conversationalists and are the kind of people you don’t even feel the time passing by as you talk with them all through the night till the sun comes up.

Leo Chases The Thrill

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Kamil Pietrzak / Unsplash

Kamil Pietrzak / Unsplash

Leo is full of energy and courage just like the lion, their alter ego. They want to experience the world in its utmost capacity. They’re the ones who jump out of planes just to feel the thrill. They put a lot of energy into everything they do which is why they protect so intensely and attack when they feel threatened.

Leo’s energy is often expressed physically. They’re attracted to sports and exercise because it allows them to release some of that high energy productively. They have big hearts even if they don’t come off that way sometimes on a first impression.

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Sam Moqadam / Unsplash

Sam Moqadam / Unsplash

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