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The 5 Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs With A Psychic Ability

Some zodiac signs were gifted with an ability to see beyond the exterior of those around them and directly into the core of their souls.

They have such an intuitive nature that it provides them with a psychic ability to read others really well. They're able to pick up on even subtle changes of demeanor and body language. Find out if you're on of them.


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Cancers are known to be emotional, but that's largely because they tend to feel "more." They have an ability to feel deeply, exploring levels beyond the surface to identify the root of their feelings.

When it comes to others, cancers can pick up when things feel off. Although they can't always identify what it means right away. Cancer is ruled by the moon which means that as the phases of the moon impact them, it brings them an intuitive sense of timing too.


pisces drawing in blue

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​Perhaps the wisest of the intuitive signs, pieces are able to look at the bigger picture. As they are the last sign of the zodiacs, they are gifted with the collective memories of all the previous 11 signs. This prepares them with intuition based on past experiences.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the God of the Seas, which allows them to tap into a mystical world when immersed in water. It almost acts s a reminder of their internal knowing that in the end, all things will work out.


Libra drawing in green purple and blue

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Libras are the most balanced of the signs. They are able to assess a situation without bias or judgment which gives them an ability to see the upside of bad situations when others can't.

They are able to tell apart the truth from assumptions and beliefs. This intuition gives them a natural ability to navigate conflict and stress. It makes them great to have around to point out the silver lining or when an impartial observer is needed to take all perspectives into account. They make for great lawyers.


aquarius drawing in blue and purple

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Even though it's an air sign, an Aquarius intuition aligns with the water signs. Aquarius has the ability to see beyond, upwards, and above the surface. They are ruled by Uranus, the God of the "heavens," which puts them in a good position to reach a higher perspective and see beyond what is visible.

This sign is focused on what's next and has a good sense of predicting what comes tomorrow. They are able to see past the horizon to get a head start on their vision.


scorpio drawing in purple

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​Scorpios have the ability to see in the dark, which means that they can see what others don't. This is thanks to their ruling planet Pluto, which belongs to Hades, the lord of the underworld in Greek mythology.

Their nocturnal sense allows them to scan even hidden surroundings. Although this requires a lot of patience, the fact that they're fixed signs means that they take their time with the process.

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