The 5 Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs With A Psychic Ability

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Some zodiac signs were gifted with an ability to see beyond the exterior of those around them and directly into the core of their souls.

They have such an intuitive nature that it provides them with a psychic ability to read others really well. They’re able to pick up on even subtle changes of demeanor and body language. Find out if you’re on of them.


cancer drawing in red and blue

Fototeca Storica Nazionale / Getty

Fototeca Storica Nazionale / Getty

Cancers are known to be emotional, but that’s largely because they tend to feel “more.” They have an ability to feel deeply, exploring levels beyond the surface to identify the root of their feelings.

When it comes to others, cancers can pick up when things feel off. Although they can’t always identify what it means right away. Cancer is ruled by the moon which means that as the phases of the moon impact them, it brings them an intuitive sense of timing too.