The 6 Rules Of A Happy Marriage, Being Soulmates Isn’t One

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If only relationships were black and white, life would be a lot easier. Unfortunately being in love is not enough to make it work. It might make for a solid foundation, but it won’t necessarily lead to a happy marriage.

Fortuntaley, some of us are making it work and they’re enlightening the rest of us on their secret. Twitter user Ryan Stephen has made a discovery that led him and his wife to follow six rules to stay happy in their marriage. There’s a reason his tweet has gained over 40,000 likes later. Find out why it went viral.

Soulmates Ruin Relationships

teammates instead soulmates tweet

ryanstephens / Twitter

ryanstephens / Twitter

This might sound counterintuitive but maybe we need to let go of the idea of “soulmates,” or maybe we at least need to reframe how we look at them. When we think of soulmates we tend to think of natural relationships that flow easily and run deep.

However, even soulmate relationships require hard work. Instead, writer Ryan Stephens suggests that people in relationships are “teammates” and not “soulmates” who should follow six specific rules.