The World’s Most Common Nightmare Reveals What’s Hidden In The Subconscious

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Dreams are more than silly things our brains make up while we sleep. Good or bad, dreams are often messages in disguise. Delivered to us by our subconscious thoughts or our guardian angels, the things we dream of often have lessons and answers about life within them.

Like angel numbers, tarot cards, and astrological messages, dreams are a medium that your spirit guides can reach you through. The things, people, and places that appear to you in your dreams have a purpose. Here’s what your brain might be trying to tell you.

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Nightmares As Messages

We have all experienced a nightmare. Cold sweats, a racing heart, and shortness of breath are physical feelings that happen when we dream of unpleasant and scary things. These dreams are simply a figment of our imagination working against us, but they can feel like near-death experiences.

A young woman is asleep in a bed with white sheets.
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

Nightmares usually don’t make us feel good, but they can be a valuable tool to understand ourselves on a deeper level. There are many common types of nightmares, each with its own message behind it.