The World’s Most Common Nightmare Reveals What’s Hidden In The Subconscious

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Dreams are more than silly things our brains make up while we sleep. Good or bad, dreams are often messages in disguise. Delivered to us by our subconscious thoughts or our guardian angels, the things we dream of often have lessons and answers about life within them.

Like angel numbers, tarot cards, and astrological messages, dreams are a medium that your spirit guides can reach you through. The things, people, and places that appear to you in your dreams have a purpose. Here’s what your brain might be trying to tell you.

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Nightmares As Messages

We have all experienced a nightmare. Cold sweats, a racing heart, and shortness of breath are physical feelings that happen when we dream of unpleasant and scary things. These dreams are simply a figment of our imagination working against us, but they can feel like near-death experiences.

A young woman is asleep in a bed with white sheets.
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash
Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

Nightmares usually don’t make us feel good, but they can be a valuable tool to understand ourselves on a deeper level. There are many common types of nightmares, each with its own message behind it.

Being Chased

A terrifying, re-occurring scene that a nightmare sometimes presents is the sensation of being chased or attacked by another person. Running for your life or sensing the threat of death will leave you with an anxious feeling, the same way we feel when we experience stress in our daily life.

Three teenagers running in the dark.
Fitsum Admasu / Unsplash
Fitsum Admasu / Unsplash

If you receive this type of nightmare, it’s probably a sign that you are too stressed out and deserve to give yourself a break. You could’ve had a stressful week at work or had too many responsibilities on your plate. Whatever the situation is, a spirit guides you to give yourself a day off to practice self-care so that you can keep up.


One of the most terrifying nightmares you can have is of dying. Often, people have frightening dreams that they are about to be shot, hit by a car, or fall from a high place. These nightmares can jolt us back to consciousness, leaving us with an uneasy feeling.

A woman drowning underwater.
Engin Akyurt / Pexels
Engin Akyurt / Pexels

If your life is threatened in your nightmare, the universe knows that you are ready to enter a new cycle in your life. Your current circumstances might no longer serve you, or you may be strong enough for a new challenge. Change is coming, and you will be ready for it when it does!

Getting Lost

The feeling of being lost is nerve-wracking. It’s not uncommon to have nightmares where we are lost in a crowded place or deserted forest. In these nightmares, we are fearfully alone and have the pressure of figuring out which way to turn.

A young boy lost in a forest
Ron Lach / Pexels
Ron Lach / Pexels

When you have a nightmare that you are lost, it could be a metaphor for being lost in life. If you’re confused about a relationship, a job, or a big life decision, your angels are letting you know that you’ll be okay! Trust your intuition, and you will find the right path to take.

Suffering An Injury

Have you experienced the type of nightmare that makes your body twitch? One where you’ve fallen and hurt yourself, or have experienced an injury leaving you in pain. This category of suffering occurs when an individual is experiencing loss.

A woman from the chest down, holding onto her ankle in pain.
Imani Bahati / Unsplash
Imani Bahati / Unsplash

You might’ve experienced a recent death of a loved one, a breakup that left you heartbroken or are grieving someone dead or alive. Your angels know how you’re feeling, and they are reaching out to comfort you through your time in pain.

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Being Naked In Public

Dreaming of being naked in public brings up feelings of humiliation and embarrassment when we wake up. Maybe you’re doing a presentation and realize you aren’t wearing clothes or find yourself in a social setting without pants on.

A girl lying in bed, holding the covers over her face with her eyes open.
Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash
Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

When this type of nightmare plays in our brains, it indicates that we feel shameful about something in our waking life. Perhaps you’ve done something you regret or acted in a way you shouldn’t have. Your guardian angel might be bringing this problem to the surface to remind you to forgive yourself and be patient when learning from mistakes.

White Angels Vs. Dark Angels

The universe is home to all sorts of spiritual entities. Most of the messages humans receive from the spiritual realm are positive ones, letting us know we are connected and guided. However, in some cases, dark and evil entities could be the ones to bear the spiritual signs we ask for.

A woman with angel wings, from behind.
Christophe van der waals / Unsplash
Christophe van der waals / Unsplash

While nightmares do scare us, they could be signals from good angels about spiritual predictions or confirmations about our fears. But, if you are experiencing nightmares that are intrusive or out of the ordinary, meditation before bed can help clear your soul from possible negative energy contacting you.

Sweet Dreams

When we sleep, the subconscious part of our brain works to reveal the inner thoughts that we hide from ourselves. When life, work, and relationships become stressful, we try to cope by putting our worries aside.

A blonde woman asleep on her stomach underneath white sheets.
Maddi Bazzocco / Unsplash
Maddi Bazzocco / Unsplash

Dreams and nightmares are a medium which our spirit guides and guardian angels can reach us through to teach us, lead a pathway for us to follow, or warn us about danger or obstacles ahead. Pay attention to your nightmares, they are the answers you are seeking within!

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