The 6 Zodiac Signs With The Worst Commitment Issues

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If your sign is one of the ones below, we apologize in advance and if you’re trying to date one of the signs below, we not only also apologize in advance but we wish you luck.

The thing is, the first step to building a loving foundation is awareness. Understanding one another allows us to respect each other, to react accordingly, and to give in to the right needs. Just remember no one is born with commitment issues nor is cursed with them forever.

Virgo: Too Practical

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Philipp Potocnik / Unsplash

Philipp Potocnik / Unsplash

Virgos are known to want to rely on logic over their emotional needs. The way they see it, the number of failed marriages is on the rise so why risk being added to the statistics.

Plus, the entire essence of love cannot be understood through logic. Love is complicated and it doesn’t make sense, which can be really scary for a Virgo and can even push them away. Since they can’t calculate in advance what the odds are of them succeeding at it, some prefer to avoid it altogether.