The 6 Zodiac Signs With The Worst Commitment Issues

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If your sign is one of the ones below, we apologize in advance and if you’re trying to date one of the signs below, we not only also apologize in advance but we wish you luck.

The thing is, the first step to building a loving foundation is awareness. Understanding one another allows us to respect each other, to react accordingly, and to give in to the right needs. Just remember no one is born with commitment issues nor is cursed with them forever.

Virgo: Too Practical

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Philipp Potocnik / Unsplash

Philipp Potocnik / Unsplash

Virgos are known to want to rely on logic over their emotional needs. The way they see it, the number of failed marriages is on the rise so why risk being added to the statistics.

Plus, the entire essence of love cannot be understood through logic. Love is complicated and it doesn’t make sense, which can be really scary for a Virgo and can even push them away. Since they can’t calculate in advance what the odds are of them succeeding at it, some prefer to avoid it altogether.

Gemini: Social Butterflies

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JoeValve / Unsplash

JoeValve / Unsplash

Geminis have a lot of energy. They’re often the life of the party. This makes it hard for them to deal with relationships as soon as they stop being light, new, fun, and exciting and start becoming serious and hard.

If they end up feeling stuck in a mundane relationship, they often end up resenting their partner for limiting them or making them feel trapped. However, this doesn’t mean that a Gemini can’t meet someone who matches their adventurous energy and keeps life exciting with them.

Aries: Free Spirited

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Joelvalve / Unsplash

Joelvalve / Unsplash

Aeries like to try a lot of different things at once, to see how much they can balance. However, this means that they’re often unable to give any of those things their full attention and can’t see them through to the end.

Similarly to Geminis, Aries don’t like feeling like their freedom is being threatened. They want to experience as much of life as possible, even if that means doing it alone.

Sagittarius: Always Looking For More

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Alex Iby / Unsplash

Alex Iby / Unsplash

​Sagittarius comes off really charming with their humor, wit, and optimism. However, Sagittarius also has a deep need for emotional and physical connections. They have a hard time feeling that need fulfilled from just one connection

They tend to feel like something is always missing and convince themselves that the grass might always be greener on the other side.

Libra: Too Indecisive

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Peter Conlan / Unsplash

Peter Conlan / Unsplash

Although Libra doesn’t like to be alone and wants to be in a committed relationship, they also don’t know what they’re looking for. They keep going to the wrong people and being afraid of repeating the same mistakes.

They’re consistently weighing the pros and cons of their potential mates and not being able to decide on whether to be vulnerable and give themselves fully.

Aquarius: Looking For An Ideal

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Leohobo / Unsplash

Leohobo / Unsplash

Aquarius tends to have an ideal version of love in their minds that is really romanticized. Their standard is unrealistic and unattainable. They have high expectations for their partners that are often hard, if not impossible to meet.

Aquarius also has a hard time expressing their needs and having emotional talks, which makes it even harder to maintain their relationship standard. However, they tend to be adventurous and innovative in relationships.

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