The 7 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For, Ever

We tend to live our lives through the eyes of others. It’s not intentional but due to our human desire to connect and be accepted, we give a lot of weight to how others perceive us. However, sometimes it’s necessary to remind ourselves that we don’t owe anyone anything if we’re not harming them.

When it comes to these 7 specific things, what you do about them is completely and only up to you. And if anyone feels entitled to an explanation, remember that you don’t owe them one, ever. Those who follow this principle live a much freer life.

Your Choices And Decisions

The only opinion you should listen to is yours. When it comes to making hard decisions, people will always have something to say about it but the only person who has to live with the aftermath of your choices is you.

woman stands in front of blue and red doors
Letizia Bordoni / Unsplash
Letizia Bordoni / Unsplash

So who cares if it’s risky, doesn’t make sense, doesn’t pay the most, requires a lot of effort, or doesn’t have an immediate benefit. If a decision feels good to you, then make the choice to go after it even if that goes against everyone else’s opinion.