The Aftermath Of Breaking Up With A Woman Who Has Anxiety

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With or without anxiety, relationships are never easy. Having to always account for another person’s feelings while making ourselves vulnerable to the possibility of being hurt by them is enough to stress anyone out.

However, women who have anxiety struggle even more when it comes to relationships and breakups. All the pain and stress that the average person feels is even more amplified for them. Women with anxiety have already thought about a hundred reasons why their relationship might fail, so when it actually does, the aftermath can be devasting.

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Anxiety Disorders Can Affect Anyone

Having an actual anxiety disorder is on the rise and is actually the most common mental health disorder in the United States. While it affects more than 18% of the population, only about a third receive treatment. Women everywhere are learning to just live with it. But when they experience a breakup, it can trigger it on an amplified level.

woman resting her hands on her heart  while sitting against her bed
Joice kelly / Unsplash
Joice kelly / Unsplash

Two of the common consequences of anxiety from a breakup are social isolation and panic attacks. While it’s okay to take a day to be sad, separating yourself from the world will only cause you to fall down further into a spiral.