The Animal You See First Reveals What You Value Most In Love

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When we meet someone we’re interested in, we don’t automatically think of what exactly attracts us to us. There are deep rooted experiences, values, and developed preferences that give us a certain “type” that makes for our ideal partner. However, this is also the same reason why sometimes our type changes, after a certain experience or revelation subconsciously alters what we look for in someone we want to attach ourselves so intimately to.

To learn more about our subconscious thoughts, tests like this tap into the subconscious mind through Fredian style images. Such images associations are able to bring the unconscious into the concsious mind.

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The Conscious Vs The Subconscious

hand holding artificial mind concept

Peshkova / Getty Images via Canva Pro

Peshkova / Getty Images via Canva Pro

Sigmund is perhaps best known for his contributions and revelations of the subconscious mind to the world of psychology. Basically, he was one of the first therapists to come to the conclusion that his patient’s problems, feelings, behavior, and worldview were entirely dependent on their childhood and the makings of their past.

Freud believed that people acted without realizing that their subconscious mind was the driver of all their behavior. To figure out how to change their behavior, what it is that they need, and find happiness, they would need to bring what’s hiding in their subconscious to the surface of their conscious mind. This includes their values and perception of love.

The Subconscious Values In Love

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Roman Kraft / Unsplash

Roman Kraft / Unsplash

Do you ever wonder why you have trouble opening up or trusting your partner? Or why you’re always living as your relationship could end at any moment? Are you aware of your needs in relationships and do you know how to express them? The answers to all these questions lie in your values about love. Your feelings, motives, decisions are driven by all the lessons you’ve learned and experiences you’ve accumulated and stored in your unconscious.

To be able to have healthy relationships, you need to be aware of what you value within them so that you can look for it and maintain it. The animal you see first in the image, may be your first step towards that type of consciousness.

Fox In Love

If you saw the fox first then you’re a hopeless romantic. You love the idea of love and this can be for one of two reasons. Either you grew up around toxic examples of what love is, so you idealized romantic books and movies to give yourself hope that just because the people around you couldn’t love you and each other the right way, doesn’t mean that love wasn’t out there. This ad led you to then fall quickly and easily for people at first because you would fall for their ideal version instead of who they were. Over time you’ve become guarded and have really high expectations but still can’t help but believe in love.

On the other hand, maybe you did grow up around positive examples of healthy love but this still has led you to the same outcome. You expect everyone to know how to give love like that are disappointed when you can’t understand why don’t love as freely and deeply as you. The fox is painted in orange, which represents an illusion of a sunset at a first glance. On the second glance, however, it becomes a fox. This is metaphorical for the idea you’ve had of love at first, which over time and new experiences, took another shape.

Fox’s Personality

fox sleeping on tree branches

Dusan Veverkolo / Unsplash

Dusan Veverkolo / Unsplash

You are quite an intuitive person due to your connection to nature. In fact, the way that you’re able to so easily see through the eyes of others has given you a natural superpower and helped accumulate a lot of wisdom. You have a strong sense of right from wrong because you understand the consequences of harmful actions. You treat others the way that you want to be treated.

You long to see the best in people and trust others. When you give love, you give a lot of it and you’re quite loyal. However, you’re also quite independent. You like to enjoy your own journey and you value freedom in life and relationships. You don’t like to feel trapped. You look for someone who shares these values.

Dolphin In Love

You prefere a comfortable and quiet kind of love. You don’t want to sit here guessing what’s going through the other person’s head and fight for love. You’re intelligent and secure enough in yourself to know what you need and who you want, and are quite a calm person. You are acyually quite easy to be around and have your own kind of charm. However, partners take your calm non confrontational nature as naive and try to take adavantage of it. They try to put the emotional labor on you because they think that you can handle it better.

Yet you value an equal and balanced relationship. You want a big family that gets along well. You care about everyone in your life and want them to feel special, but you want them to give you that back.

Dolphin’s Personality

dolphin in blue water

Flavio Gasperini / Unsplash

Flavio Gasperini / Unsplash

You are a naturally kind and peaceful person. You like to live in harmony with the world around you. You are not quick to anger and know how to confront a problem without result to yelling and low blows. In a way, you’re a bit of an old soul. you have a sophisticated vocabulary and carry yourself well.

You also are considered quite lucky. People naturally gravitate towards your energy because it calms theirs down. They look up to your positivity and open up easily to you. As Nemo once said, your philosophy in life is “just keep swimming” No matter what happens, you always find the strength to keep moving forward.

The Secret Technique

man and woman kiss

Girogio Trovato / Unsplash

Girogio Trovato / Unsplash

Do you want to learn a secret technique anyone can master that will make someone fall in love with you?

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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