The Biggest Energy Shift On The Planet Is Happening Right Now, This Is How It Impacts You

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Our driver and motivator in how we choose to live our life is our sense of purpose. Without purpose, life can feel meaningless. If you don’t have a reason to get you out of bed in the morning, then what’s the point of ever leaving it?

Purposes look different for everyone. Our purpose can range everywhere from being a parent, a spouse, leading a mission, or career, or simply adopting a certain lifestyle. In all cases, it’s the motivator for everything we do. Lately, there is evidence of a collective purpose that we may all have to play a part in. According to astrologers and spiritualists, with this universal purpose comes the biggest energy shift we have ever experienced. This is how it impacts you.

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What Is Purpose?

The origin of our life purpose is traced back to spiritual beliefs. To make sense of this big world we live, in church-dominated societies, it was taught that the meaning of life was within our individual purposes of faith, contributing to society, and having a family. As society moved away from the church, priorities and beliefs changed, but the idea of having a purpose to give meaning to our life stayed the same.

woman rests hand on her heart with eyes closed by beach
Darius Bashar / Unsplash
Darius Bashar / Unsplash

The question now was, “what is that purpose?” For many, that was still having a family. A survey of 1003 adults conducted by The Barna Group revealed that approximately 44% of adults believe that their top priority in life is ‘having a satisfying family life.” However, for many families were important but still weren’t enough. They felt a calling towards something more…

Non-Spiritual Purpose

Why was family and contribution to society not enough anymore? Survey researchers George Barna speculated that if people weren’t happy independently, they didn’t know how to have healthy family dynamics: One must wonder if the struggles evident in so many marriages and parent-child relationships are connected to the fact that people are generally more interested in pursuing a fulfilling family life than in understanding the principles for meaningful living that may help shape such a family experience.”

woman rests hand on her heart by shore
Raychan / Unsplash
Raychan / Unsplash

This kind of thinking brought us closer to the energy shift we are now experiencing. People started to wonder: “what makes me happy?” and ” Who am I, and why am I here?”

The Era Of Spiritual Awakening

Within the last decade, we have been in the midst of an incredible shift. The more time goes by, the more people are becoming aware of it. There is an idea being collectively shared that humanity has been walking through this life half-asleep, unaware of the bigger picture or how we fit into the universe. Since 2018, we entered what was referred to as the “Year of Illumination” or the “Year of Spiritual Awakening.”

close up of woman's hazel eye with mascara looking up
Perchek Indusrie / Unsplash
Perchek Indusrie / Unsplash

It was shared that the energy ad vibrations around us were shifting more than ever, causing more and more of us to “wake up” and open our minds up to the universe and its plan for our purpose.

The idea of spiritual awakening was popularized in the Western world by one of the founding fathers of psychiatry, Carl Jung. Jung used science ad psychology to explain his patients’ need to come back to their original selves to feel whole and balanced. He described the experience of finding a congruent self as a human need that raised us to a higher state of consciousness.

What This Means For You

This might sound unsettling, but it’s an invitation for each of us to grow, change and transform individually so we can grow, change and transform the world we live in itself. “Waking up” is said to allow us to tap into the best version of ourselves and understand the true meaning of life. It shows us how w are all connected and everything in the world we live in. This has the power to make us respond differently, creating a domino effect that changes how society as we know it functions.

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Marina Vitale / unsplash
Marina Vitale / unsplash

So how do we wake up? This is not an exclusive process but rather meant for everyone. The most common causes of waking up are life-changing events like an accident, loss, or a new move that bring a shift in perspective. Consider these to be a “door” that the universe holds open.

Everything Is Changing

Look at the world around you, there is more change than ever. From a global pandemic, technological advances, jobs that never existed, floods, and fires, the world has become unrecognizable from just a decade ago. The shift has been happening, but for us to take advantage of it and make the world a place we can be happy in, enough people need to be “awake” to start aligning our life with our true purpose and find an answer to the growing number of problems we face today.

person-holding-a-green-plant in their hand standing
Akil Mazumder / Pexels
Akil Mazumder / Pexels

It is believed that waking up and finding a new perspective through a clearer perspective can solve world problems like climate change, species extinction, poverty, etc. This is because this new state of consciousness would allow us to see the bigger picture, the impact of our interactions, and how it’s all connected.

Is The World Waking Up?

The only way to move forward is to welcome change. It seems like the biggest energy shift on the planet is happening right now, with more people waking up than ever. This shift has even made it to popular culture, with astrology and spiritual rituals taking over the world of social media.

a-woman-holding-a-mirror- and hugging it to her face with her eyes closed
Yartyna / Pexels
Yartyna / Pexels

Wakefulness seems to be natural for a small minority of people, like monks. But the transformation is available to everyone. Some people can find it by doing to an activity that allows them to connect inwards, such as artists who connect with their higher selves through their paintings. However, for most, it happens through periods of intense stress and turmoil.

Welcome the hard times, as just when it might seem like you’re losing everything, you might enter a new wakeful identity and emerge on the other side with more strength and clarity than ever. Due to our recent shared hardships like the pandemic, we are experiencing a wakeful state collectively. The world itself is waking up.

The Individual On The Collective

There is a direct link between collective and individual awakening. Our own individual psyche is connected to and influences humanity as a whole. While we experience awakening on an individual level, the state of us being awake is meant to serve a collective purpose. it allows us to see a shared perspective and help us find solutions for collective issues that humanity experiences together.

pplanet-earth- light up
Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

Those who believe in spiritual awakenings say that once we all wake up, this state will replace sleep as the normal state that all human beings naturally develop in adulthood. Instead, it will motivate us to transform and create a whole new society.

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