The Biggest Flirt Of The Zodiac Signs, Who Can’t Help But Get In Trouble

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Ever wonder if you come off too strong? Maybe you’re the kind of person who gets blamed for leading people on or giving mixed signals when you really thought you were just being friendly and yourself. Your flirty nature might have something to do with your astrological sign if you’re the zodiac in question.

Experts say that this sign is comfortable being themselves and living a little more outside their shell than the rest. They might come off as too flirty and start wondering if they’re too much, but maybe it’s just in their nature! Are you the sign in question?

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Why Do We Flirt?

Are some of us born natural flirts or is it an acquired skill? Well flirting is basically a primal instinct that signals romantic interest and attraction. This social behavior is usually learned, although some people’s personalities and characteristics give them an edge with their verbal ad nonverbal cues.

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

At the base, flirting is an innate process that developed as a result of natural selection so it’s pretty handy to have. Psychologists even consider flirting to be the human equivalent of courtship rituals practiced by non-humans.

How Do We Flirt?

While some forms of flirting are universal, others depend on the social norms of our environments. Some signs can more easily pick up on these cues than others. However, the reason this particular sign gets in trouble is because of their natural smile, infectious laugh, soul-piercing eye contact, comfort with physical proximity, and ability to mirror back the person they’re with.

woman-smiling- as she lays on top of man looking at his face
Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

These are actually the behaviors that are found by science to be the most related to attraction. They create a positive associations with the person showing them, even on a platonic level.

Different Styles Of Flirting

There isn’t one right way to flirt. In fact, there are different categories of behavior that come off as “flirting.” More traditional styles of flirting play into societal expectations and gender roles such as a man making the first move. Then there are physical flirting styles that are typical of this extroverted zodiac sign. A hug or lingering touch can easily be interpreted as flirting.

cottonbro / Pexels
cottonbro / Pexels

There are also more playful forms of flirting such as teasing. Then there are polite and sincere flirting styles that are based on emotional conversations and friendly behavior. This last category is the most dangerous for this naturally friendly sign.

How Flirting Makes Us Feel

So how come flirting makes us feel good? Well on a scientific level, it literally increases our dopamine level, which is the happy hormone. But that’s not all, norepinephrine is also released, causing your heart to race. Serotonin, which is the key hormone that regulates mood, well-being, and happiness, also floods your brain.

photo-of-man-kissing-woman standing and leaning
Shvets Anna / Pexels
Shvets Anna / Pexels

Basically flirting makes us feel desirable and boosts our self-esteem. It makes us also feel powerful because it gives us the feeling that we can convince someone to do something for us. This means that even when we’re not interested, flirting can be enjoyable and some people engage in it just to be playful and to have fun.

This is what often gets this sign in trouble.

Geminis Are A Close Second

There are two zodiac signs, in particular, that stand out for their natural charisma and flirty nature. Since Geminis are known for being social butterflies and are often the life of the party, their behavior often is interpreted as flirting.

Woman plays with her hair like a moustache
Maia Habegger / Unsplash
Maia Habegger / Unsplash

Because they naturally love to talk and are friendly to everyone, what they think is harmless fun is seen as mixed signals.

However sometimes they love to flirt on purpose: “Geminis love playing games because they’re so clever, and if you’ve ever been heartbroken by a smooth-talking Gemini you’ll know that skill can spill into their love lives.” explains an astrologer.

The Most Flirtatious Sign Is…..

And the award for the most flirtatious zodiac sign goes to…Libra. Libras are known for being teases and are the most flirtatious zodiac sign. They’re quite blunt and direct so if they like you, they’re not afraid to show it and come on strong.

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

However, even when they have no interest in you, their boldness, charisma ad confident nature might just get you to fall for them anyway. They show all signs of flirtatious behavior without really trying to, including eye contact, and close physical touch.

The Adavantage of Natural Charm

Flirting can create attraction. Those who are good at flirting come off as natural charmers who can get anyone they want. While flirting can get us in trouble and give off mixed signals, it also can create a foundation for fun and strong connections.

ma moves woman's hair behind her neck
Ron Lach / Pexels
Ron Lach / Pexels

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