The Color You Paint Your Room Could Have Profound Impacts On Your Future

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Psychologists have known for decades that certain colors can have an impact on how we feel and what we do. According to Psychology World, “the psychological effects of color have such an underpinning in research that the findings of chromology, the psychology of color, are used in designing everything from hotel rooms to cereal packages.”

So the color you choose to paint your bedroom could have a pretty profound impact on your life. These are the different ways certain colors can effect your life.


Paint your room green if you’d like to be more productive or want to focus in harder on work. Green helps promote a go-getter attitude.


Paint your room red if you’re wanting a little bit more romance in your life. Red helps promote an intense and passionate love life.


If you’re wanting a more calming space, blue is the way to go. If your life is hectic, blue is a great color to choose. It helps melt away anxiety and fear and gives you a zen space to relax.


Yellow is the color to choose for folks wanting to work harder and be healthier. It promotes physical activity. The yellow bedroom may make you want a gym membership.


A room painted purple will help you bring confidence back into your life. You’ll be able to gain the respect of friends and family in no time at all. This color helps you approach things more boldly.


An orange room will bestow upon you a little bit more energy without excessive caffeine. Orange will help give you the zest needed to get through your day without lounging around.


Paint your room white if you want to experience purity or want to clean up your act. White also helps promote generosity and kindness. People will love the new you.


If you’re wanting to inspire a little bit more creativity, try wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper helps you find your inner creative spirit, be it a calm one or a beastly one.

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