The Creepiest Wedding Day “Ghost” Picture Remains A Mystery No One Can Figure Out

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Do you believe in ghosts? Whatever your answer is doesn’t matter because when it comes down to it, you can only argue so much with physical evidence. The photos you’re about to see were supposed to be of just a specific number of people. At the moment they were captured, everyone was accounted for. Yet when they went back to look at the picture, another person was involved.

When asked about the extra uninvited guest, all parties involved share the same recollection that no one else was there and no one can figure out who the extra person was and how they managed to sneak their way in. Before you say it’s photoshop, the image predates all that technology and the human features are very clear. See for yourself.

At First Glance, All Seems Well

At first glance, looking at this, everything seems normal. It’s just four people posing at a wedding that  took place in Paisley, Scotland in 1972. But, look closer and see if you can’t spot something strange for yourself. Still don’t see it? Looking behind the gentleman on the far right. What is that behind his leg? And what is going on with his partner’s gloved hand?

The photo became the object of mystery to everyone in it and everyone who saw it, particularly the anxious guest on the left. It wouldn’t be until 2009 that the phenomenon would be described as a “spirit extra.” As the name suggests, it alludes to the spirit that doesn’t belong.