The Creepiest Wedding Day “Ghost” Picture Remains A Mystery No One Can Figure Out

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Do you believe in ghosts? Whatever your answer is doesn’t matter because when it comes down to it, you can only argue so much with physical evidence. The photos you’re about to see were supposed to be of just a specific number of people. At the moment they were captured, everyone was accounted for. Yet when they went back to look at the picture, another person was involved.

When asked about the extra uninvited guest, all parties involved share the same recollection that no one else was there and no one can figure out who the extra person was and how they managed to sneak their way in. Before you say it’s photoshop, the image predates all that technology and the human features are very clear. See for yourself.

At First Glance, All Seems Well

At first glance, looking at this, everything seems normal. It’s just four people posing at a wedding that  took place in Paisley, Scotland in 1972. But, look closer and see if you can’t spot something strange for yourself. Still don’t see it? Looking behind the gentleman on the far right. What is that behind his leg? And what is going on with his partner’s gloved hand?

The photo became the object of mystery to everyone in it and everyone who saw it, particularly the anxious guest on the left. It wouldn’t be until 2009 that the phenomenon would be described as a “spirit extra.” As the name suggests, it alludes to the spirit that doesn’t belong.

An Extra Set Of Hands And Feet

Now that you’re looking closer, can you see the full leg and hand behind the gentleman? This is full-on physical evidence that would be hard to dispute, considering that only half a person is visible and the other half is nowhere to be found. There is no age that would allow this strange occurrence. Unfortunately, the body part by the woman’s gloves is harder to make out but it appears to be a partial face peeking out next to the white glove.

If you look closely, the eye seems to be looking daringly staring straight into the camera. If that’s not creepy enough, the ghost seems to be wearing open-toed sandals which could be revealing the era and area that they once belonged to.

No One Could Solve The Mystery

None of the people present that day could explain who the extra body parts belonged to or even recalled that someone else was there. The wedding photographer himself could not explain the photo and insisted that as far as he was aware no one was behind the man when the photo was taken and no one was there when they moved away.

After all, it would be impossible for someone to crouch like that without their presence being felt by those around.  Many have tried to come up with a rational answer to the ghostly figure in the picture. Some suggested the photo was edited in modern times while some believe that it was simply a child hiding. Some also think that it is not a person at all, but rather an object like a watch that simply appears like a person.

Your Guess Is As Good As Theirs

There is also a lot of opposition to the seemingly logical explanations. For instance according to the Occult Museum website, “The picture was examined by a police photographer who confirmed that the photo was genuine and had not been faked.”

If that’s not creepy enough, the man on the left seemed to be sure it was a ghost because according to him ” a medium from Glasgow predicted that I would receive such a photo. Another well-known Glasgow medium was able to tell me without seeing the photo that it contained a ‘spirit extra’. A visiting medium from England, was able to tell me the reference number written on the back of the photo, again without seeing it.”

It’s Not A Rare Occurence

family pose for picture with arms around each other

Qbaxter77 / Reddit

Qbaxter77 / Reddit

Unfortunately, we may have to accept that the truth about who was at that wedding in 1982 may never be discovered. What makes matters worse is not it’s not an isolated incident. Many families have taken similar pictures only to then spot a ghostly intruder when looking back on it. Take the image above for example. What was supposed to be a happy family photo turned into a mystery as no one could figure out whose hands were on the dad’s right shoulder with its creepy long fingers…

“I am the kid with braces in the picture and I can honestly say that is not my hand. My parents’ house is crazy haunted.” – Qbaxter77 via Reddit

Ghosts Strike Again

bride and groom smile with ghost between them

kmdallday / Reddit

kmdallday / Reddit

Photography used to be an expensive specialized business. but today anyone can snap a picture which increases the odds of accidentally capturing a ghostly presence. Meet Kevin and Christina Denis who were innocently trying to get a smiling picture on their wedding. What they got instead was chills down their spin when they noticed what looked like a creepy face smirking behind them.

Posting the image to Reddit, Kevin said: “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don’t know who it was. They only noticed the image after Christina uploaded it to Facebook and one of her friends pointed out the spooky face. Kevin said: “her sister said it might be her but that face looks absolutely nothing even close to it.” It was not one of their guests either.

The Lady Ghost

black and white big family photo in front of the house with ghost in the shadows

Njfurlong / Reddit

Njfurlong / Reddit

You still don’t buy it. Here’s one more. Once you spot her, you can’t unsee her:

“Family photo circa 1930, New Zealand. Will let you find ghost. My aunt saw her a few times while growing there in the ’60s/’70s. Beside or at the end of her bed. She wore a fitted white bodice-style dress, with a dark brooch at her waist, dark hair up in a bun.” – Njfurlong via Reddit

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