The Dates Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Wary Of This Month, Be Especially Careful Of April 12

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With a bright, bold New Moon in Aries on April 1st, the month gets off to an optimistic and confident start. Everything about this lunation says “new beginning” and the planets duly line up to assist with this concept.

Gentle Venus heads into spiritual Pisces on April 5th, reminding us to be kind. On April 10th, Mercury moves into Taurus, enabling practical, solid action and clever solutions to stubborn issues.

It’s the rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th that seals the deal, however. Last seen in Pisces in 1856, this exceptional energy encourages and speeds up a collective planetary mindshift. Mars powers into Pisces two days later to underscore the need for action via our collective consciousness.

A diplomatic Full Moon in Libra on April 16th helps to calm and soothe any troubled minds, and the Sun’s arrival in Taurus on April 19th provides a stabilizing and grounding influence.

We then have a gap of ten days that is relatively quiet on the astrological front. This is a good period to reflect on the energy shifts from earlier in the month – but don’t get too settled.

When Pluto turns retrograde on April 29th, it’s time to think seriously about where change is needed in your life. The very next day, a powerful Solar Eclipse in Taurus rocks the status quo and insists on progress – at whatever cost.

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The first week of April is yours to own. The Aries New Moon on April 1st highlights the very best of your dynamic, go-getting nature, and this is a time to take confident, decisive action across multiple areas of your life.

You will feel more reflective and less action-oriented when Venus changes signs on April 5th, however, so don’t overdo it in your social life.

Mercury’s arrival in the money zone of your natal birth chart on April 10th is a welcome boost to your budgeting skills and enables you to make intelligent material choices – but there’s more to life than money, as you are about to experience courtesy of the intensely spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th.

This rare and magical planetary energy opens your heart and mind to mystical, spiritual experiences you cannot explain; you are being asked to trust. Your ruling planet, Mars, moves into this spiritual sector of your chart just two days later, so you can expect to feel this energy quite profoundly.Meanwhile, the Full Moon on April 16th occurs in your love zone, prompting some quite serious and emotion-packed conversations with your partner.

On April 19th, the Sun follows Mercury’s example and shifts into your money zone, bringing good financial news for a few days.

However, April rounds off with a powerful Solar Eclipse in this same area of your chart. Financial shocks and upheaval may be painful, but ultimately you are learning to focus more on your intangible blessings rather than your material ones.